Do you want fries with that? – #4

I didn’t hear from the Neurologist’s office on Wednesday, July 5th. I was so relieved. I figured they would mail something. Just to be sure everything was ok, I called the office on July 6th. Sherry, The PA got on the phone and I asked about the results of the spinal tap. I was so convinced everything was ok that I called from work. Surely if there was a problem, they would call me. Sherry said, “Everything looks great. I guess you don’t have MS”. She recommended that I call a stroke specialist and rule out mini strokes. She said that she thought she had already called me when the results came in last week. At that moment, I knew that I had MS. I told her that my test was Wednesday of last week and my results could not have been in that fast. Her response? “Let me call you right back”. Five minutes later she called back and said, “They found bands. You have MS”. Her tone of voice said “Do you want fries with that” like it was the most casual thing she had ever said, “You have MS.” I asked her what to do next. Her advice was to come in and look at the marketing kits from the pharmaceutical companies and pick a drug. Let me understand this, I should pick the drug with the prettiest marketing kit?? The Neurologist doesn’t want to see me? She doesn’t want to be sure I am ok? Does she even know I have MS?

I had bigger problems to worry about. I had to tell my family and more immediately, I had to get out of work before I started to cry.


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