My MS Story – #2

Saturday mornings are my favorite. There is no rush to get going (until ski season starts). My yoga class doesn’t start until 10:50. Bailey’s (my daughter) skating practice doesn’t start until almost noon. I love the extra time to drink a nice cup of tea, push the cat off the counter and think about the possibility of the weekend.

Because I have a little extra time, I want to write about how I got here in the first place. I was born in Savannah Georgia. Ok, Ok, that goes too far back. I will start in March of 2006. My Grandfather died on March 20th. It was the saddest day that I have ever had. I cried alot. I missed him and thought about him and prayed for him. I was sad for him, sad for me and so sad for my parents and all the people that loved and missed him. I experienced things that everyone does when they lose someone close. At the same time, my eye started twitching and I was tired, completely drained for days, maybe weeks. Must be stress I told myself as I had done three or four times a year for the past ten years.

April 14th, Mark, Bailey and I went to visit my sister and her family in Germany for Easter break. Whenever, I fly overseas, I feel sick and tired and really dizzy. This trip was no different. In fact, it was worse. I did a great job ignoring it. I vacationed and played and ate and drank and really enjoyed myself. Alyson (sister) and I layed in the sun and drank proseco in the afternoon and then entertained in the evening. We all went to Lego Land and went on crazy rides that would make the most balanced person fall over. Looking back, I can see…..I was a mess. By the time we got back to the US, I was a disaster.

After two more weeks of being upside down, I thought I would see a doctor. As I suspected, it was nothing. Benign Positional Vertigo. That was my first diagnosis. A week later, that was ruled out, but still things were ear related. I went on a weekend course of Valium (woo hoo) to “reset my balance sensors”. No luck there, but I did have an amazingly relaxing weekend.

On June 9th I had my first MRI to see what was going on in that crazy ear of mine. I was looking forward to pin pointing the problem. I waited for a letter or call with the results. Dr. Potter’s office called a few days letter. “Dr. Potter wants you to come in to the office to talk about your test results”. The first thought through my head was, “I am so screwed”. I got an appointment that day, that afternoon. My ear was fine. My brain on the other hand was not so fine. They were looking for Meniere’s Diseasse and instead they found “Multifocal white matter signal abnormalities in a pattern suggestive of demyelination, such as Multiple Sclerosis.” Demyle – what??? I can’t even say it, how can I have it??? Dr. Potter assured me that it could be anything or even nothing. This could be nothing. It was time to rule out MS. Dr. Potter reffered me to Dr. Alderson, a Neurologist and things went from bad to worse. The diagonis was not the worse part. Working with a careless neurologist for several months was the worst. (Lesson #1 – Fall in love with your Neurologist. Take time to form your support team with qualified professionals that care about your wellbeing and will share their knowledge to help you get better.)


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