Everything New – #7

I finally got to see a good doctor, a great doctor. Dr. John Foley is the neurologist that my boss recommended. Because he wasn’t covered by my insurance, I chose not to see him right away. That was a huge mistake! I thought I would see him for one visit just to get his input. When I met him, I knew that I needed him on my team. The visit was very enlightening to say the least. I was worse off than I thought. During the neuro test he had me close my eyes standing up. Mark had to catch me before I hit the floor. Dr. Foley recommended that I try a course of solumedrol (I may not have spelled that right.). It’s a course of IV steriods administered at home. I thought I was feeling good because the Rebif was finally out of my system. In reality, I was sliding. Dr. Foley also recommended Avonex. Avonex is the same formulation as Rebif but it is administered in the muscle, once a week, low dose.

When I left Dr. Foley’s office I was hopeful but felt that I had been diagnosed all over again. He shared information with me about the results of my spinal tap and other tests that were indicative of the course of my disease. It would have been nice if Dr. Kathy Alderson had shared that information with me. I called her office to let the PA know that I wouldn’t be back and that I thought I had received less than stellar care. Her response was “In Dr. Alderson’s defense, she is retiring”. I told her that was no defense and I was more offended that she had taken me as a patient in the first place. I don’t know what the real definition of malpractice is but it seems to me that I experienced it first hand with Dr. Kathy Alderson.

So now I have a new doctor, a new drug and a new focus…..healing myself. I will stop MS from attacking my body and find a way to reverse the disease. What about a cure? I believe it is more likely that I will heal myself before there is a cure discovered. The cause of MS is not known so how can there be a fix? With any disease, illness, ailment or bad day we have to look to ourselves for the answer. We are each fully responsible for our own health by the actions we take and the thoughts that we think.


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