Why Blog? – #8

When I was first diagnosed, I wanted to meet someone in my situation and ask a million questions. Of course I wanted them to have been in my situation for several years to tell me what worked and what did not work. I know that everyone has a different battle to fight but some rules apply to everyone. Someone usually has to make a mistake to learn a lesson. Or, they can learn the lesson from someone who has already tripped. Everytime I visit a website, or read a book or talk with someone that has MS, I walk away with something. Maybe every bit of information did not apply but something did and changed the course of my treatment or outlook in some way.

There is always the information you will want to reject. For instance, I bought a book that suggested abstaining from chocolate. I returned the book the next day. Take away meat and milk and cheese and just about anything but please, not chocolate.

I will post titles of books that I have read along with some of my favorite resources and continue to let you know how I am getting better. Through modifications on diet, excersise, prayer and positive thinking I know I can make this better. When I was first diagnosed I look for the quick fixes. Now I know that gentle changes and being open to the possibility of curing a disease without a cure is the answer for me. If you have MS, I hope I can help you. If you don’t have MS, I hope I can help you with another battle.


2 responses to “Why Blog? – #8

  1. Courtney — Tonight I learned you have MS. I am confused, mad, and sad We have know each other for many years ~ you may not realize it, but you have always inspired me, amazed me, and enlightened me. MS better watch out — as I have seen first hand what a gifted fighter you are, a woman blessed with a terrific family and friends. I’m in your corner :)Jill, Your Forever Friend

  2. Courtney – I am so proud of you – I know you will not let this define you! I know that you are going to take charge. YOU will give your body the tools it needs to allow your body’s own natural healing abilities to take over and make you well. Read “Spontaneous Healing” again when you are done with “Eat, Pray, Love”. You are going to be amazed at how much you can apply to your current situation and you will be amazed at how much positive you have already accomplished. Always here for you – your favorite Sister in law – AA

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