Why Avonex? #10

I believe that nourishing my mind, body and soul with healthy eating, exercise and prayer will reverse MS. I believe that educating myself about MS and treatment options will reverse MS. I believe that being open to information and being open to miracles will reverse MS. I believe that God has great plans for me and will help me reverse MS.

If I believe all of these things, why am I preparing for my weekly injection today? Why am I hydrating and taking Aleve and getting ready to warm up my Avonex so that it is close enough to my body temperature not to sting on injection. Why am I practicing breathing exercises so when I wake up at midnight sweating and ready to throw up, I can get through it and hopefully fall back asleep. Why am I spending $300 per month on disease modification medication when I believe that I can heal myself?

Shooting $75 worth of drugs into my muscle once a week is my back up plan. I will do whatever it takes to be well and this may be one of those things. It is part of my plan until something better comes along. I do it because I understand that most people with MS get worse at some point. Natural history data suggest that of patients with Relapsing Remitting MS at onset, the disease will transform to progressive MS after 10 years in more than 50% and after 25 years in approximately 90%. It is likely that I have had MS for 10 years. I am not ready to be part of that 90% in 15 years.

In 15 years, I will be in my early 50’s. In 15 years, Bailey (amazing daughter) will be 26 living a great life on her own paying back loans for med school. In 15 years, Mark (amazing husband) and I will be celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary. I will do whatever it takes to be well. Now and then.

This story also reminds me of why I take Avonex: A man prays to God, “Dear God, please let me win the lottery”. He prays week after week and never wins. The man does not lose faith but continues to pray, “Dear God, please let me win the lottery” Finally God answers the man, “I want to help you, so please……buy a ticket”

Maybe Avonex is one of my lucky numbers.


6 responses to “Why Avonex? #10

  1. “I believe that nourishing my mind, body and soul with healthy eating, exercise and prayer will reverse MS”

    Hrmmm, I’m not too sure about that. You may be able to recover from the damage, but those brain cells that died are pretty much gone for good. Sure, you’ll learn to do without them and the damaged ones that did not die will recover if you do provide the nutrients (GLA) to help them along. I think those steps you mention will help you from having more attacks and to deal with what has already happened. Necessary none the less. What kind of supplements are you considering?

  2. Let’s talk in 10 years and see where my beliefs and hard work have gotten me. We all believe different things and all have different outcomes.

  3. I have been madly in love with a woman with MS for over 7yrs.Back in the begining we would hike up with skis on back and tumble down places like Tuckermans ravine,Hillmans highway or the Ice Gulch just to name a few.I blamed her falling down on the 40 degree ice covered pitches,at that time we had no idea she had MS.Now,7yrs later we are still madly in love,married and spend our days playing in the back country of the Wasatch.Her falling down on skis is for sure now not blamed on the MS.She goes on 30 mile bike rides with me in the warmer months and pedals up canyons like you’ve never seen.I know this is a result of her extraordinary positive outlook on beating MS as well as her diet,natural supplements,and the well being of her own inner mind which is exercised with God,yoga and other spiritual beliefs.I should give her Neurologist credit too.This is an exciting time with many MS researchers doing studies on Remyelination.The Mayo clinic is deep into this.Keep the faith and keep the postive attitude.

  4. Oh, Please! Courtney’s comment, “I believe that nourishing my mind, body and soul with healthy eating, exercise and prayer will reverse MS” is a POSITIVE and NECESSARY one. My mom has degenerative back disease. If she had listened to the diagnosis, prognosis, and stats – today she would be in a wheelhair, incontinent and confused (from the massive meds). Instead, she skis, crawls on the floor with her grandkids and loves life. We credit her success to a healthy lifestyle and most importantly to her unrelenting, positive attitude. We often forget an important part of medicine — the holistic side. Go, Copurtney, we are behind you!


    Read Andrew Weil’s book again. I love the story about the woman and the four leaf clovers. She found one every time she looked for them. Because she BELIEVED she would.

    If you start out believing then there is a chance. If you start out with a negative outlook then you never get that chance!

    Keep on believing!

  6. I love this post. I personally am not a believer in the MS drugs out there (personal bad experiences, my neuro’s comments about them, and my views on pharm. companies!) plus after 10 years I’m now SP and those drugs are for RR. Anyway, I sure do believe in your opening sentence!!! I haven’t done all I can do over this past 10 years, my own fault and I take full responsibility, but my attitude has at least always been right.

    I wish you all the luck with your fight, I 100% believe you can do it. I’ve seen it done! I met Eva Marsh a few years back, AMAZING woman, http://www.evamarsh.net

    I’m going to catch up on your blog some more now. 🙂

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