Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I feel especially gracious this year on Thanksgiving if for no other reason than my family is so thankful for everything. They truly appreciate life and the people that make it special for them. Last night I thought about the things I was so thankful for and was going to make a list on today’s blog. Honestly, the list has changed.

Of course, I am still thankful for some of the same things. Things like a beautiful daughter, a loving (and really hot) husband, parents who are always there for me, a sister who is on the other side of the world but still finds time to shoot the shit every morning with me, a mother in law, sister in law and father in law and Bengt in law and Maureen in law who all love me and pray for me and have made Mark the man he is today. The list even still includes my D.A. dog Guinness and two cats, Wilbur and Ella. My gratitude includes my work, my amazing employers and colleagues and my clients who always find a way to make me smile (or cry)! I am thankful for the gift of time that my family gives me to practice yoga and photography…two things that make me better for them.

I am really happy and thankful that we got to hear Barenaked Ladies wish us “Feliz Thanksgiving” at a concert last night.

My new list has evolved today. In the past twelve hours I have found so many things to be grateful for. Here are the top ten things that have made my heart warm in the past twelve hours.

1. Bailey asked me if she could have Cool Whip on her waffles for breakfast this morning. I said YES! Her smile warmed my heart.

2. We went skiing at Solitude this morning. The fifteen minutes it took to get there was just enough to finish my tea. Perfect timing warmed my heart.

3. I wore a beautiful embroidered wool hat made my Brita my Soul-Mother-in-Law. The warmth of her love in the material warmed my heart.

4. I skied on K2 “one luvs” and my legs were strong. After the first run, I released my doubt and fear. I was the same girl on skis that I was a year ago. (still not a great skier, but having a great time). Strong legs and mind warmed my heart.

5. I knew when to say when. Going to the lodge when my knees were sore and my fingers were cold was ok. Defrosting and resting warmed my heart.

6. We made a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner. Bailey set a beautiful table. Mark cooked Cornish game hens. I made a colorful salad and some scary “raw dip”. It sounded good but almonds, sesame seeds, tomatoes, onions and spices don’t make good dip. The fact that no one said, “This dip sucks” warmed my heart.

7. Bailey made games for us to play at dinner. We each had to write five things that we are thankful for and put them in a cup. After grace, we passed the cup. Each person pulled a piece of paper and read something that someone was thankful for. That my eleven year old daughter really “gets” this holiday warms my heart.

8. Everyone participated in the game with true gratitude. My favorites were, “My husband of thirty seven years”(submitted by my mom), “All the people that love me and pets” (submitted by my daughter), “Daughters, Husbands, Parents” (some of my own entries). Each person read the others writing with tears in their eyes. My mother got the teariest when she read “My wife’s smile”. Her tears and his sentiment warmed my heart.

9. We made less than half of the food that we would normally prepare for Thanksgiving dinner and there were still leftovers. Fully understanding that less is more warmed my heart.

10. There are so many things that I am thankful for. Having my mom here and knowing that my dad is with my sister make me so happy. Talking to my S.I.L.L.Y. and Grammy B and P.T. and close friends remind me how blessed I am. And knowing that the best is not always yet to come, but is right here, right now brings tears to my eyes and will forever warm my heart.

Happy Thankgiving. Happy Blessings.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving.

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