Scattered Thoughts – #16

I don’t have a central theme for this entry but some scattered thoughts that will soon be forgotten if I don’t commit them to paper (or computer).

Scattered Thought #1
I want this blog to be resourceful and helpful especially to people that have been newly diagnosed with MS. I haven’t figured out how to let them know that I am here and that this site is available. I love to hear that my friends and family are reading but how do I reach out further?

Scattered Thought #2
My neck is killing me! I woke up last Saturday and thought I must have been in a car wreck. The left side of my neck was stuck and painful to move. It has gotten better over the week but this morning it felt like it was going bad again. I had a nice easy Yoga session yesterday and a walk with the dog but didn’t do anything strenuous. I’m annoyed!

Scattered Thought #3
I want to write about books I have read that are specific to MS or healing in someway but can’t decide how to present them. I could list them all in one entry or do one or two each entry. I know it’s a small decision but something I am giving some thought to. I could stop thinking about it and just do it or let it happen but that is usually not my nature. (something I am working on)

Scattered Thought #4
Christmas is coming. Really it is. Time to get festive and more organized so I can truly appreciate the season.

Scattered Thought #5
Kids and instruments – While I think it is great that children are interested in music and I understand the benefits of learning a musical instrument at a young age, I think it is torture for a parent. Not torture to pay for or listen to in anyway but torture to try and make a kid practice. They want to play, they like to play, but do they like to practice? Ever? Bailey has been playing violin now for three months and I am secretly hoping that she quits. (there goes my mom of the year award). I just think if I didn’t have to ask her to practice, beg her to practice, threaten her even to practice that there would be more peace in the house and in my mind.

Scattered Thought #6
Other things I want to write about – my thoughts about MS symptoms, Yoga, food, rest, doctors, insurance, change, fear, doubt, friends, family, dogs and cats, religion, children, time time time.

Scattered Thought #7
What I don’t want this blog to be: “Dear Diary, today it was sunny. I felt good. I ate a good breakfast had a productive day at work, came home, made dinner and went to bed….The End.” This blog will not be a record of my daily activities.

Scattered Thought #8
What I want this blog to be: Informative, entertaining, motivating, calming, fun and real.


One response to “Scattered Thoughts – #16

  1. Heh … Random thoughts. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a theme, but you have the right idea … just keep writing.

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