Stuff Happens – #19

He who dies with the most stuff wins. Less is more. More or less. I have been thinking about stuff alot with the holidays approaching. We give stuff for Christmas, We get stuff for Christmas. We get stuff out of storage to decorate for the Holidays and then, after the holidays, we put the stuff away. I really look forward to the holiday season and making things feel festive with all my stuff, but I LOVE putting the stuff away and making things light and open again. I love the feeling of uncluttered space. This holiday season, I am thinking about not taking all the stuff out. I want to feel the holiday without the stuff.

With my recent MS diagnosis, I am working hard to find the answers to unclutter my mind and my body. It only makes sense that my home and environment are clean and uncluttered as well.

There are good things about stuff. Our stuff reminds us of past events. An ornament may be a memento of a first Christmas. I hang Bailey’s first shoe on our Christmas tree. I have beautiful decorations that my mom has given me over the years and little platform figurines that used to hang out under my Grandfather’s Christmas tree. These items are touchstones. They keep me grounded and make me smile reminding me of my rich life and family. I carry a smooth stone in the shape of a heart with me wherever I go. Mark brought it back from Sweden for me when we were first dating. It reminds me that I am loved no matter what my state of mind.

For every one holiday decoration or reminder, there are at least ten that mean nothing. They may have meant something once, but I can’t remember what it is. I think it is time to let those things go so I can focus on the love and memories that are so important that I cannot forget.

While MS has been a catalyst for change in my life, I am not changing into a new person. I am changing into the person I was born to be. The changes that appear external become heart warming and soul moving for me. I do find that while I spent the last ten or twenty years growing up and focusing my efforts on all the things growing up entails, I am now looking at the girl I used to be and the things I used to love to shape me and help me grow up again.

I want to forget the stuff and enjoy the moments.


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