A piece of the puzzle – #21

Yoga will be an important part of my effort to reverse MS. When I was first diagnosed, many people told me that Yoga would be good for me. I thought most of them were telling me that because they thought Yoga was easy and I was weak or would become weak. So, I resisted. I had watched Yoga videos before and thought it was a decent workout but nothing like a 30 mile bike ride. So, I continued to resist. While I didn’t start Yoga classes until September, I thought about Yoga alot over the summer.

I brought my daughter Bailey to my first class and we kind of giggled our way through it. I didn’t know if I got anything from it but I did know that I wanted to go back. Bailey, not so much.

I went back to class twice a week and while I was always in beginner classes, I wanted to know more about what was behind the poses. I started to read a little bit and ask my teacher’s questions. I loved when they talked about the Sanskrit names for poses. Even though I didn’t know what they were talking about, “Utkatasana” had so much more meaning than “Chair Pose”.

At one of my Saturday classes, the teacher mentioned that if we wanted to develop a personal Yoga Practice he offered private classes. Say no more, sign me up. Monday mornings at 5:15, I meet with my teacher. We just had our fourth meeting this Monday. In the past few weeks, Yoga has become less Excersise and more practice. It has become less external and more internal. My desires turned from finding the perfect pose to achieving balance and peace.

Each Monday, after my private Yoga Class I think about how I will practice everyday. Every minute after that I wonder when I will find the time. Of course I can practice Yoga everyday by how I think and how I treat people and how I view the world but how can I find an hour of time to devote to Yoga? I don’t have time at work and there is thankfully no quiet time around my family. A husband, daughter, dog and two cats make for great energy and love and craziness but little time for quiet devotion. I am so happy to be around all of them because it is then that I know that I am truly engaged in life.

I do want to find the time and space for my Yoga Practice and a daily walk. (isn’t it human nature that we always want more….) As I talk about finding time, I just realized that I am out of it this morning.

Yesterday, I didn’t think I could write anymore and today, I have too much to write about. I will finish these thoughts and start some others tonight.


2 responses to “A piece of the puzzle – #21

  1. Hold on … 5:15 as in 0515 … like, before the farmers wake?! EEK! You are made of much sterner stuff than I!

  2. Good for you for choosing this path – yoga will change your life. It will make you stronger both on the outside and on the inside. It is a way of thinking, a way of being, a way of life. You are going to be amazed at what it can do for you on many levels. I am hoping to get back into my practice again soon as well. Did the Yoga Journal come yet?

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