More Space and Time – #22

In an effort to practice Yoga daily I thought I should find a regular time and space. My normal space is in my bedroom because of the hardwood floors. My new time is 5:15 a.m. I figure if I can make it to my class Monday mornings at 5:15, I can find my way to the floor every morning. The only problem with this time/space combination is that Mark is usually still sleeping at 5:15 a.m.

This morning, I practiced in the family room. It wasn’t the perfect space but it was space. Bailey was sleeping soundly, Mark was sleeping, Guinness (the dog) was sleeping. Who wasn’t sleeping? Wilbur and Ella! Who knew that cats liked Yoga mats??? So, until they got bored, I practiced Yoga with the cats. Once the cats took off and I was midway through my practice, Mark and Guinness came out to start their day. I relocated to the bedroom to finish up. Mark came in a couple of times getting ready for work. I went through the motions and finished up but realize that I need a new time or a new space.

Tomorrow, I will try starting at 5am but I am not willing to go much earlier. I thought maybe a shed in the backyard would work for space but as I thought it through it with Mark, it became much more complicated (and expensive) than I originally thought. Maybe a space heater in the garage? Or if I breath quietly, maybe I can stay in the bedroom while Mark is sleeping. I know, it’s a stretch, but I want to figure this out! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Here was the cool thing about this weeks Yoga practice. When I first started to do Yoga, it was supposed to be a time to quiet my mind. Instead, all I could do was think. I thought about Yoga, I thought about the weather, I thought about MS, food, work, groceries, snow, family…I couldn’t stop thinking during that “quiet” time. While I haven’t reached that silence that makes you one with God and the Universe, I have started to streamline my thinking. Now, when I am breathing and resting in Yoga, I am thinking about the great energy I am creating through breath and movement. It is easier for me to stay in the moment. Next step, God and the Universe, oh and reversing MS!!


3 responses to “More Space and Time – #22

  1. You’re going to do it, you know. The mind, and Yoga, is very powerful. Check out! He’s doing it too. (Sorry I keep giving you more websites that take up more of your time! But they’re good ones). 😉

  2. The time is more important than the space. You are making the time by getting up at 5:00AM! Now make the space in the family room your own – or carve out a niche in your computer room. Or take over that space entirely and put the “office” somewhere else. You have space – you just need to rearrange a little.

    The animals will adjust around you- the people will adjust as well. When I went throgh my divorce I started meditating. Everytime I would lie down on the floor Basia (my big Rottie) would walk all over me – licking my face, trying to get me to play with her, picking up my hands, etc etc. I just acknowledged that she was there (in my head) and moved on with my breathing, trying to clear my thoughts. Eventually when I got on the floor to meditate she would come over to me, lick my face once and lie down next to me for the entire time I was there – sometimes 45 minutes. Her breathing would merge with mine and she was “meditating” along with me. It was like she felt what I was trying to do and she became a part of it.

    Now I am not saying that cats will do that (you know I am a dog person 🙂 ) but they will adapt to the change you are making in your routine and if you just acknowledge their presence to yourself (ah yes, the cats are here…let it go……) it will no longer be an issue for you.

    It is all a matter of wanting to do it. When you want to do it it becomes possible. Allow yourself to open to that.

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