Ups and Downs – #24

Last Friday and all weekend I felt like I was heading in the wrong direction. I was tired and unfocused and had that balance issue. I practiced Yoga and walked thirty minutes each day and by Monday morning, I felt like things were turning around. At my Yoga practice I could balance on one foot with eyes open and on both feet with eyes closed. I know it sounds simple but this felt like a big accomplishment.

This change made me feel and act so upbeat all day Monday. In my early morning Yoga practice, the intention I set was to manage my energy level so that it would be even all day and into the evening. I had a Christmas party on Monday night and wanted to feel great for that. The party was fun, my friends had a good time and I still felt good when I went to bed at 10:30. When I woke up Tuesday, I knew that I had pushed myself. I didn’t feel bad yesterday but just a little tired.

Last night I did my Avonex shot. The shot went better than the past two weeks. (last week, I poked the needle in and pulled it out because it hurt too much!! Then when I thought I had injected all the medicine I started to pull the needle out. When I realized there was more juice left, I pushed back in and let me tell you…..muscles have nerves and nerves are painful to hit with a needle!) Anyway, this week things were pretty uneventful with the injection. After the injection, I went to an hour of Yoga and came home, took an Advil PM and went to bed. I woke up a few times in the night but easily fell back asleep. This morning my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. I thought I could work through the injection side effects with a little light Yoga. Only problem – I couldn’t even lift my head off the pillow. I felt like I drank a few bottles of wine the night before. I slept in….until 6:15 and then got ready for work. It is now after seven in the evening and I am just starting to feel better. Tomorrow should be a great day!!

I know it may be unrealistic to feel good every day but I will do everything in my power to feel well and to be well. Some of those things include – a super healthy diet with an occasional treat or glass of wine, daily Yoga, maintaining a healthy weight, walking thirty minutes per day, adding in weight training and cardio as I get stronger, doing things that I love, and keeping my stress levels low. It occurred to me that we all strive to have busy, productive, full lives and they are usually filled with constant stress. We so look forward to an hour of relaxation or a week long vacation. Instead we should strive for calm, manageable peaceful lives with periods of unavoidable stress.

None of this is an overnight process but I am on the right track and of course, I am taking my family with me!


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