My Best Gift – #27

This has been an amazing Christmas. Every year I think the following year cannot be better but it always is. My favorite part of Christmas is seeing my friends and family smile or scream or cry in reaction to their gifts. With all of the amazing gifts that I received, it was hard to choose a favorite. Mark and Bailey gave me an iPod. I am so excited and have been thinking about it and working with it a bit every day. The iPod was not my favorite gift but the note that came with it, and the words engraved on the back.

The note says “After opening your heart to us and showering us with unconditional love we thought you could now rest, close your eyes, open your ears and enjoy some music. Thank you for being an incredible wife and mother.”

The engraving on the back of my iPod says “CCTunes – Hear, Heal, Harmony.”

My family is my true gift. They want the best for me and found an amazing way to give it to me.


2 responses to “My Best Gift – #27

  1. Wait until you see my new t-shirt. It’s one of the “life is good” guys. He’s playing a guitar and his dog is at his feet looking up singing and the caption says “Harmony”. Was that perfect for me or what? I should try to find one for you now, too!

  2. Janet Lynn (Piar)

    Hi Courtney, This is Janet. I have a new email address and almost lost contact with you. I always enjoyed reading your emails and now I have your blogs.

    I just wanted to say hello and that I am thinking about you. Actually, I think about you very often. I really believe in positive thoughts and I want you to know that I am sending you my positive good wishes for a happy new year!

    Love to you always, Janet

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