Sick Time – #30

I am trying to not spend too much time whining or writing about my weekly shot of Avonex or my flu like symptoms (malaria like symptoms). That being said, it is such a major part of my day that I almost have to talk about it or talk about how I am trying to make it better.

Typically, I do my injection at 6:00 Tuesday evening. I started by taking two Aleve an hour before and hydrating all day. I then went to a 7:30 restorative Yoga class and came home and went to bed. I would wake up in the middle of the night freezing or sweating with a splitting headache and feeling like the slightest movement would make me throw up. Wednesdays I got to experience the side effects of the side effects. I went to work but get little done and try to smile all day but felt like crying or sleeping. By Wednesday night I start to feel better.

My next step in doing this better was taking one Excedrin PM before I went to bed after Yoga on Tuesday nights. That did not seem to help so I took two. Two Excedrin PM taken at 9:00 p.m. wiped me out all night Tuesday and all day Wednesday.

Last week my Tuesday night Yoga Class was cancelled and this Tuesday, I decided to really change things up. I decided that I wanted to chose when I would feel like crap! My initial decision to have a shot Tuesday evening instead of the weekend was for the simple fact that I want to feel good on the weekends! If I have to feel gross, I may as well be working.

So today, feeling adventurous and hopeful, I woke up at 5am and practiced Yoga. My intention in my practice today was to give my body strength to handle an early injection and my mind the strength to handle what my body could not. Today, at the office, I took an Aleve at 11:00 and a shot of Avonex at noon. I drank a ton of water this morning and then after my injection, I ate a banana and a big bowl of spinach with olive oil and balsamic vinager. I figured the goodness of my lunch would help my afternoon.

My theory is that if I took the shot at noon, I would start feeling bad around three and could take two Tylenol PM at 6 or 7 and wake up at 5 am tomorrow feeling ok!

The reality is that by 2:00 I was feeling down and by 3:00 when I picked Bailey up I was breathing deep as not to throw up. Now, at 6:30 as I sit here with a splitting headache trying not to move, I wonder what I was thinking. That being said, if I wake up healthy tomorrow it will have been worth it. It seems to me that this idea is smart but that remains to be seen.

Mark and Bailey just went out to dinner so I don’t have to feel guilty about being so unproductive. I can barely hold a conversation let alone make dinner or help with homework. I guess I am trading one feel good time for another.

So……..I am off to pop two Excedrin PM, move slowly, breath deeply and pray hard that I wake up well. Good night!


3 responses to “Sick Time – #30

  1. Hi Courtney

    I was on Betaferon for four months last year, and I just couldn’t hack it. I had to inject every second day, and it was hell. So I chucked it. and they sure didn’t seem to be working. Have you noticed improvement from the Avonex?

  2. Ugh .. sorry you had to go through that just to discover it was not such a good idea. So, how you going to handle this? Take the shot a bit later so the side effects hit before bed?

  3. I think there have been improvements but I can’t be sure it is the Avonex or other things I am doing. I would like to think Avonex is playing a part.

    For now, I will stick to a 6:00 shot but maybe look for something natural to ease the side effects. I think the Excedrin PM contributes to the aftermath!

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