#32 – Getting Real

I am going to pass on the Excedrin PM tonight. I am tired enough that I think I sleep through whatever the Avonex throws at me tonight. At least I won’t have the Excedrin PM hangover tomorrow.

I haven’t posted in almost a week. It’s not that I have writer’s block. I have plenty to say but it’s not all good. Sometimes I think this is a good journal replacement but other times I think I have to be too sensitive to be completely honest. I worry when I share things that are a bit unsettling about my physical or mental condition that it will scare my friends and family. I guess we all have thoughts and feelings that pass and are better left unshared but the purpose of this Blog is to be real about MS and figure out how to keep it quiet or get rid of it. I also don’t write about things sometimes because I think some things are easier to ignore if I don’t write about them. If I write about them, they are very real and really happening.

This blog is for others with MS looking for a connection and for hope. This blog is a place for me to inspire and entertain but also a place that helps me learn and heal. I spend more time thinking about why I am not blogging sometimes than actually blogging. Seems silly!

So, moving forward I will talk more about what is really going on with me. I will acknowledge the symptoms and then move on. I think giving symptoms attention in this way may help me. Maybe I will spend less time talking to myself about it if I can talk to you about it. Or maybe you know a good solution to a problem I may be having.


One response to “#32 – Getting Real

  1. hi, i just wanted to say i’m glad i found your blog. i’m starting on avonex soon and i appreciate hearing your experiences and your thoughts.

    i understand your ambivalence about blogging. i blogged for a year and a half and just recently stopped. i originally stopped for reasons having nothing to do with MS but now that i’ve been diagnosed i have even less interest in blogging for reasons similar to those you mention. but perhaps you will inspire me to change my mind. i am sure i’m not the only other person with MS who appreciates you putting yourself “out there.”


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