#33 – God Bless America…Please

Thursdays are always a “feel good” day for me. I always wake up on Thursday amazed that my crazy Avonex headache and nausea is gone. Tuesday night was rough without the Excedrin PM. I went to bed around nine and slept well until 11:00. From then on I was up off and on until the morning. The good news is that Wednesday I still felt like shit but I didn’t feel like shit and half asleep from the Excedrin PM. I need to find a natural sleep remedy. I just ordered three books about Ayurvedic medicine, remedies and diets. I think there will be many things that will improve my health and lifestyle and give me some relief on Wednesdays.

In my spare time, I have decided to pick a fight at my daughter’s school. Bailey came home last week with a science project to report on a Science Current Event. With all the talk at our house about the excitement and promise of Stem Cell Research, she decided to report on that. It made sense to me not only because I am personally, really, really interested but because it is a very hot, very current scientific event. I was also thrilled that she is excited about something science related. All I cared about in the 6th grade was boys and clothes.

She told her teacher what her topic is for the project and her teacher tells her that the Catholic Church does not approve of Stem Cell Research so she can’t write her paper about Stem Cell Research. When I heard this, I know that steam came out my ears. I could not believe it. What does the church’s belief have to do with a students research and opinion on Science?

I reviewed the assignment and here are the main requirements:
1. The idea is to broaden your understanding of scientific facts.
2. The overall objective is to realize that science affects every aspect of our lives. The teacher goes on to say, “I want you to know more about what is going on around in and around our community, state, region, country and world”
3. State YOUR position or findings about the subject

4. Use YOUR own words to explore YOUR point of view.
5. The Summary will conclude the points made and support YOUR position on the article.

There is nothing that says, “YOUR position and YOUR point of view will not be accepted if it is not the same position and point of view of the CHURCH” There is nothing that says, “I want you to know more about what is going on in and around the world but ONLY IF THE CHURCH SUPPORTS IT”

I am calling her teacher tomorrow and plan to take it as far as necessary. I understand that because this is a Catholic school, they will teach Catholic values. I understand that I won’t always agree with what they teach in Religion Class. I will not accept that studying science is based on religious beliefs. Just because the Catholic church does not support Stem Cell Research does not mean that it is not happening. It is in fact a CURRENT SCIENTIFIC EVENT (with merit in my opinion).

I told Bailey to write the paper anyway. Taking an “F” was worth taking a stand in my opinion. She feels differently. There is nothing worse than an “F” in her mind. So, I will take the stand for her and hopefully won’t embarrass her in the process. And, Someday she will be proud and take a stand about something that means alot to her because of this.


One response to “#33 – God Bless America…Please

  1. A compromise may benefit both parties here. Stem cell research using amniotic fluid (which has tons of stem cells) and umbilical cord blood (ditto) is completely within the bounds of church teachings.

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