Facing a fear – #35

I have to admit, I have been scared to exercise like I did before I found out I had MS. I have been walking, although not lately because it is so cold outside.(good excuse huh?) I could go to the gym but haven’t. I have been doing Yoga very regularly and know it is good for flexibility and strength (body and mind) but it doesn’t get my heart racing like a spin class. My fear of over heating along with being out of cardio-shape keeps me off the bike.

I know that I don’t feel well when I get too hot but I haven’t figured out where the fine line is. I really have been fearful of testing the waters. Speaking of water, I know some people with MS who take luke warm showers in an effort not to overheat. I can take a really warm shower and feel fine. I was scared of that too at first but a cold shower everyday scared me more than overheating I guess.

Now that I have my diet somewhat under control and a good yoga practice in place, I know it is time to take it to the next level. I have been talking to my trainer about getting back in the gym for strength training. I know talking isn’t doing but I am getting there. My other big step was finally ordering a cooling vest. I placed the order Tuesday and have been talking about it since July. Sheesh…..

My commitment – Within one week of getting the vest, I will take a spin class.


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