Stem Cells and a day off – #36

This is a quick update to an earlier entry.

I called Bailey’s teacher to ask her to reconsider her position on Bailey writing a paper about stem cell research. After a little back pedaling (on her part) and a bit of creative negotiating (on my part), she agreed. She will write the paper, limited to two paragraphs this weekend and I will post it next week.

Another quick note – I got a day off this week. I didn’t get a day off from work but a day off from the Avonex hangover. I realized Sunday night that I never placed an order or received a reminder call last week. I was completely out of injections. I called the insurance company and my prescription benefits were transitioned to a new company. They had to set up a new account for me, order a new prescription and could not get anything to me before the end of this week. The neurologist’s office said they don’t recommend skipping but that it wasn’t a big deal under the circumstances.

Because I didn’t have much of an option, I decided to really enjoy the day off. I was so clear minded in comparison and very productive. I thought about how nice it would to stop taking it altogether. And then, I remembered something I had read recently and realized….THE AVONEX IS WORKING!

In my next entry, I will tell you the story that has convinced me that forgetting to order my drugs and skipping my weekly injection means THE AVONEX IS WORKING!


One response to “Stem Cells and a day off – #36

  1. great job on resolving the issue with the teacher! congrats too on getting back to exercising. i really really can’t wait to exercise again. i’ve been waiting until this exacerbation is over, but it’s taking forEVER. but soon we can support each other doing the fitness thing.

    i look forward to hearing how you decided the avonex is working.


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