#38 – Bailey’s thoughts

Bailey got to write her paper on Stem Cell research. Her teacher told me that it could only be two paragraphs. I guess she was worried what could be said if it were any longer. In any case, science was not the lesson learned here. I am proud of her for submitting the paper even though she was worried that her teacher would be mad. Here is what Bailey had to say about Stem Cells. My guess is there are kids in her class that have never heard of stem cells. Maybe this will spark some interesting dinner conversations!

“There are different cells in the body and there are different categories but stem cells can be embryonic or adult. Stem cells have an amazing ability to change any type of cell. Embryonic stem cells show more promise for curing diseases because they can transform into any type of cell in the body. When organs and cells are not healthy they create disease. These diseases could be Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, juvenile diabetes, MS, ALS, and spinal cord injury. Many doctors and scientists are fighting to try and discover the wonders the stem cells could offer. Unfortunately they are up against a political challenge. Currently, numerous illnesses that are the targets have little therapy or no cure.

Here is an example of what stem cells can do. A rat that was paralyzed can now walk from the stem cell insertion. In my opinion I believe that this could do great and wonderful things for all humans with incurable diseases. Too much time and money is being wasted while we wait for government approval. Some of the people don’t have that much time. In conclusion I believe that the stem cell research should go on to help save millions of people.”


2 responses to “#38 – Bailey’s thoughts

  1. Way to go Bailey,dont ever let censorship or the opinions of others stop you from using your own creative brain.Nice Job !

  2. great job, bailey!


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