Give Health a chance – #39

If you have never read anything by Dr. Weil, pick up one of his books. Both “Spontaneous Healing” and “8 Weeks to Optimum Health” are Great. I started reading Dr. Weil’s take on health years before I was diagnosed with MS and now his advice is even more relevant. I receive daily emails from and sometimes my email gets a little overwhelming so I delete without reading. My dad sent me this recent Dr. Weil advice. I remember reading it when I was first diagnosed but it was a great reminder and a good check list.

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See my comments in bold red


Chlorophyll for MS?I was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and have been taking chlorophyll supplements to boost my immune system. Is this wise, or should I be more cautious about chlorophyll?

Answer (Published 12/27/2004)Chlorophyll, the green pigment that gives plants their color, has no function in the human body. That fact hasn’t stopped marketers from promoting supplements containing chlorophyll and suggesting that it can benefit patients with conditions ranging from cancer to arthritis to multiple sclerosis (MS). Chlorophyll can’t hurt, but it isn’t an immune booster, and I don’t know of any research suggesting that it helps patients with MS.
I’ve never tried Chlorophyll supplements

Whether or not you take beta-interferon, you can try to influence the course of the disease with the stress reduction, mind/body treatments and lifestyle changes recommended below:

Decrease protein intake toward 10 percent of daily calories,
and emphasize plant rather than animal protein. I stopped eating red meat a week after my diagnosis in July 2006 and stopped eating all poultry and pork in September 2006. I do still eat seafood but would like to increase my vegetable intake and reduce or eliminate seafood soon.

Eliminate milk and milk products, substituting other calcium sources. I stopped drinking milk and cut out sour cream and cheese in September. In October, I started experimenting with Soy Cheeses and this week, I am going to try Soy Milk and Almond Milk. A couple of weeks ago I tried my first Soy Ice Cream. I loved the Soy Ice Cream (Mexican Chocolate) but it looks almost as fattening as regular ice cream so I have to find a better option.

Eat organically grown fruits and vegetables as well as organic products made from wheat and soy. Done. Almost all of the fruits and vegetables that we buy are organic. I look forward to the farmers market this summer when we can by organic and local. I like the idea of growing my own food and even have a sprouting kit but haven’t taken the time to actually grow something!

Eliminate polyunsaturated vegetable oils, margarine, vegetable shortening, all partially hydrogenated oils, foods (such as deep-fried foods) that might contain trans-fatty acids.
Use extra-virgin olive oil as your main fat. I do pretty well in this category. I do use butter if I bake (which is rare) and indulge in potato chips or junk food occasionally. I am dehydrating apples and bananas right now thought for a chip alternative.

Increase intake of omega-3 fatty acids from fish, walnuts, or flax and hemp seeds. I use walnuts on salads and take fish oil and flax oil supplements.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. I need to work on this. Sometimes I am too lazy to make nice dinners and unless I am really focused (like my 30 day raw diet), I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Eat ginger. Turmeric can also be helpful. (I recommend the product called Turmeric Force from New Chapter.) I do take Ginger and Turmeric supplements.

Take acidophilus culture and psyllium if constipation is a problem, or use the ayurvedic herbal bowel regulator, triphala. When I was first diagnosed, I was so worried about bowel/bladder problems that I started taking psyllium but have since stopped taking it, and stopped worrying about it for the most part as it is not a problem for me.

Take my antioxidant and daily multivitamin formula plus an additional B-50 complex vitamin daily.
I do take a multivitamin and antioxidant formula. I think B-12 injections every two weeks are helpful too!

Take 5 grams of soy lecithin granules daily (store in the refrigerator). I bought this but never used it.

Take 30 milligrams of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ 10) two or three times a day. I do take this.

Do some kind of light aerobic exercise on a regular basis. Choose something you enjoy; don’t push yourself to the point of exhaustion. I do Yoga regularly and want to get back to my thirty minute walks now that the air is better and it is light later. My cooling vest came this week so I am committed to a spin class before next Thursday.

Try visualization, meditation, and hypnotherapy to redirect your mental energies in positive directions. I am experimenting here. I memorized my mantra and am going to start working with the mala beads today.

Experiment with traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine from qualified practitioners. I am reading about Ayurvedic medicine and plan to meet with practitioner from California the next time she visits Salt Lake city for an evaluation.

Changing diet and lifestyle will often change the course of ANY health condition. It is our responsibility to give our bodies a fighting chance. I have a great life and a flawed body. I am not looking for perfection just improvement…a little bit every day. I understand that MS did not invade my body overnight. I truly believe that years of toxins (external and internal) led to this diagnosis. The mind and body take time to heal but with the proper TLC, healing happens.


3 responses to “Give Health a chance – #39

  1. i like dr. weil too. and i agree with your attitude towards health 100%.

    some tips from a long time vegan: the only soy milk i like is “silk” brand. i usually get the kind that is enriched with omega 3s, but there is also a new, lower fat, kind that i wish was easier to find.

    the best soy cheese is “follow your heart.” the tofutti slices taste pretty good and are easier to find but they have trans fat in them.

    the best soy ice cream in terms of ratio of healthiness to taste is fruit-sweetened soy delicious. it is low fat, and while it isn’t as delicious as full fat ice cream or full fat soy ice creams like “purely decadent” soy delicious, it’s pretty good.


  2. Sorry … I just cannot live without my cheese. It’s the farm-boy in me, you know.

  3. We have also found the joys of fruit sweetened soy delicious.
    Cant get enough of the Almond Pecan,Espresso is quite tatsy too.

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