Goin Vegan Baby – #45

I have been working my way towards a Vegan diet my whole life. I love animals and have never really loved eating any kind of meat. Don’t get me wrong, I have oohed and ahhed over a garlic burger at Cotton Bottom but I could always take it or leave it. I stopped eating red meat completely in July, dropped poultry and pork in September and milk and cheese in October O6. I do still have an occasional egg and some fish (one time a week at the most).

I have been unwilling to drop the egg and fish until about five minutes ago when I discovered….
Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World… This cookbook could change the way I look at a Vegan lifestyle. Now I have a choice! Banana Split Cupcakes instead of Eggs! Chocolate Cupcakes instead of fish!!

I have read about this book in other blogs but didn’t really believe it was real. I just ordered the book from Amazon and plan to start baking as soon as it arrives.


One response to “Goin Vegan Baby – #45

  1. yum, cupcakes!

    my friend cameron made us vegan truffles for valentine’s day and man oh man are they gooooood. makes it hard to stick with the low fat part of the diet. if only cupcakes were the base of the food pyramid, healthy eating would be so much easier.


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