No Fear – #47

This has been a great weekend. I went to spin class yesterday and lived to tell about it! I wore my cooling vest (which looks like like a flak jacket – so not sexy). There are four vertical pouches for ice packs, two in the front and two in the back. I only loaded the back and thought that was going to be too much cooling. I was pretty nervous until I got on the bike. Once I clipped in, it was smooth sailing. The hardest part was holding back. I kept my heart rate at a 134 average and my high was 163. For the most part I was under 150. I wanted to stay in control and avoid any chance of over heating. I could have easily used all four ice packs but overall, I was comfortable. The crazy thing is that I burned just over 600 calories which is as much as I used to burn in a class pushing myself the whole hour. I worked more efficiently and had great results.

After spin class, I went to an hour of Yoga. It was such a good combination to work out on the bike and then get a really good stretching session.

I just got home from a short/easy six mile ride with Mark and I feel great. This is really as clear headed as I have felt in weeks. I felt like we could have rode longer but I don’t want to push it. I want to ease back in and slowly build strength and stamina. The best part of this weekend is that my fear is gone.


2 responses to “No Fear – #47

  1. good for you! sounds like a great weekend.


  2. Yahoo! I am so excited for you! Keep listening to your body and taking it easy! David & I start biking a lot this week to get ready for Team TLC. I’ll keep you posted — Anne Marie šŸ™‚

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