The first forty – #49

Lent began yesterday along with my forty day commitment to daily meditation with my healing mantra. (see 40 Days – #37).

It took me about a 1/2 hour to go through the mantra with my Japa Mala beads. It was a great start to my Yoga practice. While I am not sure that words and thoughts alone can reverse disease, I think it is a huge part. I think that visualization is also important. Sometimes I think about and visualize repairs and re-myelinating. I visualize what it must look like as it is going on in my brain and what it will look like when I have my next MRI.

My visualization shows the Myelin being repaired with a paintbrush. I know it sounds half crazy but it seems to be working for me. It’s also more soothing. Thinking of it in a non-medical way is easier to embrace and get excited about.


4 responses to “The first forty – #49

  1. good for you! i need to make time for wellness. lately i feel like i’m barely making it through my day, with no extra energy to take care of myself the way i should.


  2. Jen – Finding time to take care is an ongoing struggle for me too. I would love to find a way (and I will) to work three days a week or five half days so that I could have two or three hours a day to devote to wellness. Cooking healthy meals, excersising, meditating, organizing and resting regularly can only help the healing process.

  3. thought (coupled with emotion) can do more than you know.

    disease manifests and persists in direct relation to the quality of your inner landscape. the thing to understand is that the thought of dealing with disease, no disease, diminishing–fading–healing disease is in essence no different than the thoughts of disease and death themselves. you need to remove the concept of disease, as much as you are able, completely from your inner and outer landscape, thoughts, emotions, actions, and environment. don’t talk about it, think about it, write about it, join groups that worry about it. don’t concern yourself with it and all its endless hows, instead all your attention can go to living the life that you want, disease free, where you wouldn’t even need to be thinking and talking about it because it is not a part of your life.

    some people may consider detachment to be dangerously escapist or impossible or both, alas, for them, that is true.

    the output of your consciousness, your blog, your disease, your CDs, your home, the colour of your favourite dress, your cousins, teachers, jokes, toys, books–everything that accumulates to create the entirety of your reality is the manifestation, direct manifestation, of your inner landscape. your thoughts, coupled with your emotions.

    you can change your life,
    and you can heal yourself.

  4. WHO wrote this powerful statement? Sounds like a very empowered and knowledegable person. I am copying and sending to my friend Laura who was just diagnosed with cancer of the uterus. What a thought for the day!

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