#53 Sweet Dreams

I am so tired! Good tired though.

I had my 5 am yoga class and was feeling really strong so I learned a new sequence with more leg strength required than usual. My muscles were literally shaking in some poses. My balance poses felt effortless and I left class feeling completely energized. After a crazy day at work (deadline week), I went to a spin class and burned almost 700 calories. After dinner I helped Bailey with her math homework for an hour. That is enough physical and mental excersise for one day.

All that’s left is to meditate and go to sleep. I think sleep will also be effortless tonight!

I made an appointment with my Neurologist Dr. Foley for April 2nd to see if I am a candidate for Tysabri. With the way I am tolerating the Avonex, I feel confident that it will be a go.


4 responses to “#53 Sweet Dreams

  1. Hi Courtney,
    What an incredible day you had today! I cannot figure out how you do it. I hope you know that Dad and I want you to do what is best for you Tysabri or not. We have total faith in your MS decisions. You’ve done an amazing amount of research and we so respect your knowledge. We continue to seek out things just to help. Please tell us if there is anything we can do to help……..Bailey sit(love that one), go to appts with you (Dr Foley may not be capable of handling both of us), chores (don’t really love those), or anything else you can think of.
    Love you soooo…..m and d

  2. “I made an appointment with my Neurologist Dr. Foley for April 2nd to see if I am a candidate for Tysabri.”

    One word Courtney: Woooooohoooooo, or is that two words? (biting lip and raising one eyebrow)

    Lauren 🙂 <--laughing at herself

  3. At first I was really scared when you talked about this but then I spent a lot of time on line researching the sites you and Lauren had highlighted. The bottom line is this – it is your life and your body and you will make the decision that needs to be made because you will not make this decision lightly. I know a tremendous amount of thought will go into weighing all the pros and cons and your loved ones will be with you all the way supporting every step on this leg of your journey! Just let me know what I can do to help — love you SILLY

  4. wow, you sure had a constructive day! yay you.

    p.s. your mom is super cute.


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