#54 – Feelin’ Flat

What’s worse than a drug induced hangover?

A drug induced hangover and getting a flat tire! I was driving from an appointment to pick up Bailey at school and someone started honking their horn and waving at me to roll down my window. I did and the other driver said, “Your tire is really flat!” Super! So not what I needed today!

What’s better than a really good looking husband?

A really good looking husband who leaves work to rescue his wife! Mark met me at Bailey’s school and changed the tire for me. He started to explain what he was doing as he was changing the tire and showing me where all the tools and things were. Then, he saw the blank look in my eyes and decided it probably wasn’t the best day to teach me to change a tire. He said he would be satisfied if I learned to change my bike tire this year. The car could wait.

Last night I could not get to spin class and I don’t know if that made a difference but I woke up this morning with my usual Avonex pain. It’s almost 6:00 and I still feel pretty crappy. I have had a productive day but can’t wait til tomorrow when I feel better!

So…what’s worse than dealing with a drug induced hangover and a flat tire?

Dealing with a drug induced hangover and a flat tire and finding out that Grey’s Anatomy is a REPEAT!!!


3 responses to “#54 – Feelin’ Flat

  1. I sure hope you are planning to put this blog into a book someday – I just LOVE reading it everyday! You are amazing, you know!

  2. An incredibly HOT wife !!!!!
    That’s whats better than your husband comment.I will rescue you no matter what the situation is as you have truly rescued me.
    A special thanks to my Nissan team,Mike and Gordon,Snap on tools,the lady at Starbucks….and of course GOD,who decieded to blanket us in a blizzard this morning during my 5:30 drive to actualy repair the flat tire.

  3. crappy day, sweet husband.

    i’m glad you won’t have to deal with the avonex hangover much longer.


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