Congnitive Issues? – #58

I think it is so appropriate that I completely forgot that it is MS awareness week.

Lauren posted a great response to a misleading Tysabri article. I love that she is such a champion for this drug. My boss who I mentioned has had MS for 30 + years and been in a wheel chair for 20+ years just had his fifth infusion. While it has not brought strength back to his legs (Yet), his energy levels are up and he feels that the drug is doing something positive for him.

Synthroid has really helped my energy levels. Low thyroid function often mimics many MS symptoms. My thyroid levels were slightly low and my Dr. recommended a boost after I told him I thought I was could have some form of depression. I was so upset that I was potentially depressed!! My doctor did some blood work and suggested that my sluggishness was related to my thyroid levels. After doing some thyroid resarch I found that low thyroid function can look just like depression with many MS symptoms. I have been taking Synthroid for about five weeks now and I really feel a huge difference. Better yet, my new blood work came back last week and my Thyroid levels are up and liver levels are down.

Many doctors are quick to hand out the anti-depressants. Ask for a thyroid test and other blood work to rule out other imbalances. Also keep in mind that my thyroid levels were not off the chart high, just borderline and easy to overlook as a problem.

Yippee! I’m not depressed!!


5 responses to “Congnitive Issues? – #58

  1. i think it’s funny that you were upset to hear that you were potentially depressed. understandable, but still silly. anyway, i’m glad you discovered the thyroid problem and it’s being addressed.

    thanks for posting this, i had no idea about these potential thyroid issues. my nurse practitioner did test my thyroid when i told her i was feeling fatigue (it was normal), but i never put two and two together.

    the thing about depression and fatigue is that they can both be the cause of each other. so it seems like it can potentially be hard to ferret out what the root cause is, and what treatments are appropriate.


  2. oh, and speaking of ms awareness — all of a sudden here in dc there are a million radio ads for THREE different ms fundraising events — two different walks and a bike ride. they are all sponsored by our local ms society chapter. everyone around here should be VERY aware of ms by the time all three of these events are held.

    i do find it a bit weird to hear those ads talking about ms every time i turn on the radio. i’ve never been in the demographic benefitting from a targeted charity before. it feels weird.


  3. “I was so upset that I was potentially depressed!! “

    Not to be mean, but that statement made me giggle.

  4. It was supposed to be funny!!

  5. (((((((Courtney))))))))

    I L’dMBO at your post #54, felt myself cheering you on and did the Snoopy Happy Dance for you in my w/c after reading your post #56, and then laughed so hard again at your post #58 – I had to go pee – you should do stand up comedy girl! 😉

    Please give your boss all my best and tell him TODAY, 3/7 is the 1 year anniversary of the FDA AC’s unanimous vote to recommend Tysabri’s return for those suffering from MS! WOOOOHOOOO!

    Take care girlfriend,

    Lauren 🙂

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