Another five – #60

1. Take Mark to Disney World
2. Make black bean brownies
3. Attend a wine tasting course
4. Read one book a month not related to MS or health
5. Practice Yoga on a Beach
6. Speak at MS Event or Seminar
7. Save $3.00 per day in addition to regular savings
8. Spend $1500 of above savings on something frivolous
9. Donate $1500 of above savings
10. Build a new deck and fence
11. Put three business plans into place with Mark
12. Stay the night at an AMC hut
13. Go on a yoga retreat
14. Floss every day for fifty consecutive days
15. Start Invisilign


5 responses to “Another five – #60

  1. oh my god, i totally need to floss.

    what kind of yoga do you do? i’m going on a yoga retreat to lake atitlan in guatemala next february. you should come!

  2. Thats a great idea,I will go heli-skiing that week with Bob !

  3. OK… so what is invisilign? What is an amc hut? I feel like i’m totally out of it.

  4. Mom – Your posts always make me smile! Invisilign is the teeth straightening program. Like braces – but cuter! I know, you think my teeth are fine but Invisilign offers a slight adjustment without anyone noticing! AMC = Appalacian Mountain Club.

  5. I floss everyday!!! sometimes 2X a day!!!

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