Goodbye Letter – #59

Dear Avonex,

We have been together now for seven months. I met you on the rebound after an abrupt split from Rebif. I don’t know how I even started with Rebif. Everyone said that Rebif was great and would help me. When I complained about Rebif and how I was being treated, people that knew Rebif best acted shocked. They said Rebif never made anyone else feel the way I felt. They knew better but wanted us to stay together. Rebif and I had a two month relationship and it was rocky from the start. I thought that staying together was the right thing to do even though I knew Rebif was destructive after the second week. One of the biggest problems was that we were seeing each other too frequently. It was too early in the relationship to be seeing each other three times a week.

When Rebif and I broke up, the thought of seeing you only once a week was very appealing. I thought you would rescue me. I liked the freedom that seeing each other only once a week offered. At first, our weekly get togethers were in small doses and then we moved on to something stronger. Now, after seven months, I see that even once a week is too much. One day a week, 52 times a year is too much time to waste on something who’s value cannot be easily measured. If we stay together, I will throw away almost two months a year.

I know you are not forcing me to stay but sometimes I feel like I don’t have a lot of options. Copaxone’s track record is too unreliable and I could never go back to Rebif. While I could go it alone, I am strongly considering spending time with Tysabri. I have learned my lesson about spending too much time with a new partner so I will only see Tysabri once a month. Tysabri has a lot to offer. I want to take advantage of the benefits before it’s too late.

Avonex, how can you make me stay? I would stay if you would treat me better, if you would stop making me so sick. I would stay if you would prove that you were really here to help. I don’t know how long our relationship will last. I am hoping we can make a quick split. We may only be together for another three weeks. Be good to me for our last days together. I have been faithful and consistent and deserve a break. If things go well for the next few weeks, I will consider an ongoing relationship. Otherwise, I am moving on.


6 responses to “Goodbye Letter – #59

  1. Love it! 🙂


    Hi Courtney,
    Your blog was so well written, but I wish you would wait until your dr. says it’s a great plan. We love you and know how awful this is, but think how great you feel the rest of the time….please think about it…you are loved….m

  3. cute!

    this helps explain why tysabri is so appealing — i’ve always had a thing for “bad boys!”

  4. Ever get the feeling that there is a conspiracy amongst the pharmacutecal and insurnace companies ? They strongly suggest you stay with their drugs,and why not ? They make billions off of us.Think outside of the box…If Tysabri does such a great job in slowing down MS in its progressive state.Why then would it not work with some one who is sitting on the edge,teetering back and forth ?Read any of LAURENS blogs about Tysabri and its benifits.Not enough,talk to any well known neurologist/MS specialist.I come home from work every Thurdsay night only to find AVONEX lounging around my house,hitting on my wife,slowly making her sick for days on end.Time to piss off AVONEX!I never liked you anyways!Get out of my home!I am sure you have your place and are perhaps better suited with someone else.
    Good bye CRAPONEX,say hello to REBARF from me if you see him.

  5. interestingly, avonex and tysabri are made by the same company. so i’d imagine that avonex won’t mind “pissing off” if he knows that his brother will be getting the action instead.

  6. No doubt !
    The big brother Tysabri is welcome to visit once a month so long as my wife can Tolerate him !

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