#61 – More 101

1. Take Mark to Disney World or Disneyland
2. Make black bean brownies
3. Attend a wine tasting course
4. Read one book a month not related to MS or health
5. Practice Yoga on a Beach
6. Speak at MS Event or Seminar
7. Save $3.00 per day in addition to regular savings
8. Spend $1500 of above savings on something frivolous
9. Donate $1500 of above savings
10. Build a new deck and fence
11. Put three business plans into place with Mark
12. Stay the night at an AMC hut
13. Go on a yoga retreat
14. Floss every day for fifty consecutive days
15. Invisilign
16. Post weight online weekly for 10 consecutive days
17. Drink Cava on the beach in Mexico
18. Relax on the Swedish Coast
19. Send a note of gratitude to 25 people who have made my life better
20. Ride at least 30 miles in an MS ride


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