MS Success – #63

When I was first diagnosed with MS, I googled “MS Miracles”. I was open to anything and wanted to know who was doing what to get better. The most prominent sites referred to Glyconutrients. “The term “glyconutrients” refers to eight specific sugars (saccharides), which proponents say help form important compounds called glycoproteins in your body. Glycoproteins — such as digestive enzymes and antibodies — are sugar molecules attached to protein molecules. These compounds help your cells communicate with each other, which is important for good health.” While this definition came from the Mayo Clinic, the websites I was searching were some kind of MLM or Glyconutrient franchise. There were amazing testimonials from people with MS. I was intrigued. They seemed to be very expensive but I was still interested. (At that time, I had no idea what interferons would cost!).

I went to a “Newly Diagnosed” meeting at my local MS chapter and asked about glyconutrients and did not get a lot of positive feedback. The best answer I got was a question.

I asked, “What have you heard about glyconutrients?”
The response: “What do you want to know about them?”
Me: “Do they work?”
Response: “It depends what you believe. What do you believe?”

I believed that I wanted the quick fix that glyconutrients seemed to offer. I also believed that there is no such thing as a quick fix. “If it seems to good to be true….”

That simple answer gave me alot to think about and really pushed me to open my eyes to my diet and exercise choices as I believe those two things to be the root or fix of most health issues. I never did try glyconutrients because the email I received was too marketing focused. Working in advertising, I should appreciate that but it really turned me off.

Today instead of “MS Miracles”, I googled “MS Success Stories”. I found a story written by Roger Macdougall, a famous playwright. I read with interest and kept waiting for the hook, the part where you are supposed to send money for the rest of the story. It never came. It was Roger’s story of having MS and how he cured himself. Check out Roger’s Story. His success was strictly based on diet – in his opinion or belief. He believed that MS was caused by food allergies “The conclusion I draw from this is that foods which are alien to our species or to which we are allergic, and which attack the autoimmune system (our natural defenses) somehow contrive to prevent the manufacture of healthy replacement cell tissue and so become causative factors in the whole range of degenerative diseases up to and including aging”

After having allergy tests done he made the following diet changes:

No gluten or dairy.
No foods to which you are allergic.
Low sugars.
Low animal fats. High unsaturated fats.
Making good possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

(Here is another good site with different diet thoughts:

It’s an interesting story and I strongly believe that what you eat affects your health. If that were not the case we would all be at Mcdonald’s for breakfast this morning! I have successfully cut dairy and meat from my diet so could I cut sugar and flour? I have to think on that. Could I do it if I knew it would keep me walking? Of course. Could I do it in a life or death situation? Of course!

Are there millions of people suffering from Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease and other Autoimmune diseases that could be cured with a diet change? Of course!!

I am going to make an appointment with an allergist and find out what my body likes and doesn’t like. And before I cut the sugar and flour, I am going to finish those cupcakes!


2 responses to “MS Success – #63

  1. I hope Roger’s story led you the website, the official charity for research into the MS Diet, with TONS of scientific research and info. Also has tons of info!

    P.S. I have been taking glyconutrients for many years, and they are the reason I have the energy to do a lot of what I am able to do. I can’t afford to take as much as I’d need to to get the great results everyone else talks about. Anyway, I haven’t tried these ones yet, but I’m ordering them next ’cause they’re way cheaper (no MLM) –

  2. Donna – Thanks for the info!

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