Ugh – #66

I decided to take my Avonex shot last night after spin class and today I am suffering. I am going to skip the details because I know I have cried enough about these side effects!

More 101…
36. Be makeup free for five consecutive days
37. Learn Spanish
38. Buy Sex and the City Box Set
39. Volunteer forty hours for the homeless and hungry
40. Write a letter to my younger self “From 37 or 38 to 18”
41. Save the letter and give it to Bailey when she turns 18
42. Go snow shoeing
43. Go to the Opera
44 Buy a webcam with new computer to talk with friends and family
45. Photograph an artist at work


One response to “Ugh – #66

  1. I feel so bad I slept thru WW this morning expecially after reading your blog. This is a giant hug and “I’m sorry” from me. I wish I could take some of it away from you.

    You should go snow shoeing…that was what Marilyn (girl I work with) was doing in the canyons last weekend. I thought she was biking…to slushy to bike she said.

    Please feel better…lol (do you know what that means?…..m

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