Solu-metal – #69

I am renaming Solumedrol to Solumetal. I am in the middle of an infusion and my mouth tastes like metal. I don’t know why I think I know what metal tastes like but I do. I am eating Cinnamon Jelly Beans to take away the flavor but they are not helping much.

The home health nurse that started my IV had a tough time. He was successful on the fourth try. I was ready to call it quits. He asked me if I had any allergies after the infusion had started. I wanted to say, “Yes, I’m allergic to Solumedrol” and recommend that he ask that question prior to the procedure. In any case, I will be finished in about an hour and Mark is going to pull the IV when he gets home from work.

I have trying to think of a way to describe my vertigo/equilibrium problem. It feels like I am trying to get through the day on an Alaskan fishing boat during a storm. Nothing is steady. I don’t even think they actually fish under those circumstances so I guess I shouldn’t be upset that the only thing I seem to be able to do with any success is laundry. It is such a struggle to do the simplest things. I can only hope this solumetal works fast!

Thanks to everyone for your comments. The support I receive at home and online is overwhelming and really keeps me smiling. Thank you so so much.

10 more 101
46. Watch all James Bond Movies
47. Watch all Godfather movies
48. Consult a stylist for a wardrobe makeover
49. workout with a trainer for three consecutive months
50. Consult an Ayurvedic Practitioner
51. Write five letters of appreciation for great customer service
52 Go to a football game
53. Go to a comedy club
54. Eat only fruit and veggies from local growers
55. Put money in someone’s expired parking meter


2 responses to “Solu-metal – #69

  1. I hate that metal taste! Fortunately, it doesn’t last long. My experience is that if a symptom hasn’t been around long, it usually disappears fairly quickly after taking the Solumetal 😉 Hope yous goes away fast. Can’t like being on an Alaskan fishing boat all day long!
    PS That is so sweet to think of putting money in someone’s expired parking meter. That’s some powerful karma gonna come back to you.

  2. i know someone who got a ticket for putting money in someone’s expired meter when caught by a “meter maid” — so make sure you do it on the sly!

    lemon drops (or something that lasts in the mouth a bit longer than jelly beans) get rid of that solu-metal taste well. i actually like the metal taste because that’s how i know the solumedrol is going to start working soon and i love solumedrol!

    are you feeling better now? that vertigo problem sounds awful – i think i’d feel motion sick if i got that.

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