Trying to be patient – #70

It has been a few days since my Solumedrol treatment and I don’t feel better. Yesterday, when I woke up, I felt good. I thought it was over. Within minutes I knew that things were still bad. It is much easier to be positive and upbeat about MS when MS is not active. I am trying to be patient but I want to know when I will be better. A day? A week? Longer? I have a lot to accomplish and need the strength and balance to get it done!

I worked consistently all week and have promised myself only movies and relaxing this weekend. No baking or cleaning or errands that will get in the way of healing.

As frustrated as I am, I know that I am not the only person impacted by MS. In fact, it is often the people that live with people that have MS that suffer more. Here is an email that Mark sent me earlier this week….

Argggggghhhhh (*^%%#%&^) !!!!!!!!
I HATE the fact that my wife is sick.
I LOVE that she rallies and makes us a wonderful dinner.

I HATE the feeling of being not good enough as a husband and not being able to do anything more to comfort my wife.
I LOVE that my wife has a great family and support team.

I HATE that one of my wife’s greatest joys,(Traveling)can bring out her sickness.
I LOVE that even when my wife is feeling her worse I see beauty,strength and an inner calmness.

I HATE going to the gym when my wife is home with a metallic taste in her mouth.
I LOVE riding with my wife on our bicycles.

I HATE people that bitch about minor things.
I LOVE that my wife puts up with me when I am that person bitching.

I LOVE my wife.


2 responses to “Trying to be patient – #70

  1. a woman in my office has vertigo, except hers is supposedly caused by calcium deposits in her ears. is there any hope that you have that too or is that just total wishful thinking on my part?

    i’m sorry the steroids didn’t help. i know what you mean about the uncertainty of how long this will last being the worst part. soon you will feel better though.

    mark is so great. love that email.

  2. Charles-A. Rovira

    I love the email too.

    I almost never hear the supportive person‘s side of the story (my wife is not very communicative with me on that…)

    Can you have mark drop me an email? … Please?

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