Change of Plans – #72

I’ve decided that this is not a good time for a cleanse. As little energy as I have, I can’t compromise it further. At first I was disappointed for my lack of discipline but now I see it as a smart decision. My vertigo is getting better but my strength and energy dwindle all day long. Every morning I feel like things are better like I recharged over night but I only feel well for about a half hour. By noon, I feel like my body is literally disappearing. My legs and arms don’t go completely numb but there is definitely a lack of sensation. I took the steroids a week ago so I am hoping that things turn around soon.

The good news is that I did not have major mood swings after this last Solumedrol infusion. I had one day where I felt kind of down, but knowing what to expect helped. I think the one day infusion was easier on my system than the three days, I just hope it is as effective in treating my symptoms.

More good news – I did my Avonex injection tonight with no bleeding or bruising!

I see Dr. Foley (awesome neurologist) on Tuesday to talk about Tysabri and follow up on my latest slip.

More 100 in 1001
56. No computer, ipod or TV for one weekend
57. Keep an Orchid in the bedroom for six months
58. Grow something edible
59. Download a movie or TV show to Ipod
60. Attend a free outdoor concert
61. Spend the day at the movie theatre seeing at least three movies
62. Don’t talk for a whole day
63. Sell something on ebay
64. Buy all new lingerie

65. Compost


3 responses to “Change of Plans – #72

  1. in my very limited experience, the fatigue always hits hardest after the other symptoms start to go away. at least the vertigo is better and you are heading in the right direction!

    good luck with doctor foley on tuesday, and i hope you feel better soon. i’ve been thinking about you and sending you “get well” thoughts!

    i like your 101 things, very creative. i like the idea of not talking for a day.

  2. Awwww (((((Courtney)))))), so sorry you had to do ‘roids. But as jen, I think it was, suggested-hard candy during a Sol. infusion, is the key for avoiding “metal-mouth”.

    I personally sucked on lemon drops and they worked like a charm. Peppermints work good too.. hmmm sucking on hard candy during a treatment for a sucky disease? Ironic? 😉

    Loved Mark’s email too! A true Love/Hate relationship (j/k).

    Good luck Tuesday and feel better soon! (((dearheart))), Lauren 🙂

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