Take it Easy – #73

I am feeling better! I am still feeling vertigo in small spaces and when I am off the ground floor of most buildings. I still don’t have full strength or balance but I can tell that I am on the mend. I am going on vacation Thursday and as much as I have to do at work between now and then, I am not going to push myself. I have two deadlines falling while I am on vacation. My initial plan was to meet goals before I left but with my recent set back, I rethought things and decided to do as much as I could without killing myself before I leave and then work an hour or two every other day (or less) on vacation.

Tomorrow I meet with Dr. Foley. The main reason for my visit is to see about moving from Avonex to Tysabri. Since I will have his attention I also plan to ask for his opinion about other treatments like LDN, Neurovax, and a few others I have been reading about. I have high hopes for this visit.

Tomorrow night should be an interesting post!

More 101 in 1001
76. See an allergist
77. Learn how to change a bike tire.
78. Nap in a hammock
79. Take a sister’s weekend with sister
80. Take a sister’s weekend with sister in law
81. Take a train trip
82. Go apple picking
83. Try fake eyelashes
84. Stay up late and look for falling stars
85. Institute monthly date night


3 responses to “Take it Easy – #73

  1. glad you are feeling better!

  2. Good luck tomorrow Courtney…and I too am glad you’re feeling better…you go girl!

    Lauren 🙂

  3. Nancy Stinson

    so so happy to read your blog today. am thinking great thoughts for tomorrow’s drs visit. got your back if you nn help with anything, except trying to help with your deadlines or anything else work related.
    lol, mom

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