Celebrate – #74

MS Lesson of the day – Choose a great neurologist

I had my appointment with Dr. Foley today and things could not have gone better. I had a scenario in mind and hoped things would go my way. I had no idea they would go my way so fast! After talking to Dr. Foley about my recent relapse and my trouble tolerating Avonex he agreed that I am a good candidate for Tysabri.

Here is the process:
1. Stop Avonex Injections! Because the system has to be flushed of interferons for a month before starting with Tysabri, I am officially done with Avonex.

2. Blood Work to be sure that my immune system is not compromised. I went by our local hospital tonight and had the tests done.

3. MRI for baseline and to see how things have gone over the past year. I am scheduled for April 16th.

4. Appointment with P.A. for T-1 Visit at Dr. Foley’s office to review blood work and answer lots of questions to further qualify. My appointment is scheduled for April 19th at 1:30.

5. Appointment with Dr. Foley for T-2 Visit to review MRI and talk about any other details. My appointment is scheduled for April 19th at 2:40

6. Pre qualify with insurance company. Bad news – Dr. Foley does not accept my insurance currently. Good news – He applied as a provider with my insurance company about three weeks ago!

7. Sign consent form and schedule first infusion.

If all goes well I should be starting Tysabri early in May. Not only don’t I have to do an injection tonight but I don’t have to do one while I am on vacation! I am really elated.

Mark came with me today and we were both thinking about the last time we left Dr. Foley’s office feeling really down about his opinion of my condition. Neither of us wanted to admit that I was bad as I was. Today, we both left the office with huge smiles and are very hopeful and excited. I won’t feel like crap once a week anymore and (in my opinion) will be on the most effective drug available for slowing MS progression.

Other Lesson of the day – Bring someone with you to your appointments. It is so helpful to have extra support at a Neuro visit especially when you making big decisions or getting impactful news. It is always important to have a shoulder to cry on or someone to help you celebrate.

Tonight…we celebrate!!


6 responses to “Celebrate – #74

  1. I am happy that you won’t feel like shit anymore!! And that you can enjoy your vacation!!


  2. great great great! have a wonderful vacation!

  3. Yipee – yipee – yipee!
    Bye bye Avonex – hello new opportunities for healing!
    Love you SILLY

  4. Love the healing comment.
    Thanks sis.
    Our thoughts will be with you while we are practicing sunrise yoga and Court is teaching me breathing techniques on a beach.
    Say hello to seaside massasges,long sunset walks,palm trees,swim up bars.
    “Bartender”,Another margarita please……….Hold the AVONEX !

  5. ((((((Courtney))))))) BIG hugs and congrats to you dearheart, I pray Tysabri turns out to be everything and more than you could have ever hoped it would be. (doing my Snoopy Happy Dance from my w/c) … just wish you could see the big grin on my face…Wooohoooo!

    Enjoy your vacation!


    Lauren 🙂

  6. Hi there! My husband was searching the internet looking up some more info on Tysabri and he came across your blog.
    I just had my first infusion of Tysabri and Dr. Foley is also my doctor. I know what you are going through and I understand. Everything you have written I can relate too. Thanks for sharing and I will be reading more of your blog!
    Oh and I think I was at the same talk Dr. Foley did in November!!

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