Completed 101 – #75

My 101 in 1001 list is finally complete. I start tomorrow and will give a progress report monthly.

1. Take Mark to Disney World or Disney Land
2. Make black bean brownies
3. Attend a wine tasting course
4. Read one book a month not related to MS or health
5. Practice Yoga on a Beach
6. Speak at MS Event or Seminar
7. Save $3.00 per day in addition to regular savings
8. Spend $1500 of above savings on something frivolous
9. Donate $1500 of above savings
10. Build a new deck and fence
11. Put three business plans into place with Mark
12. Stay the night at an AMC hut
13. Go on a yoga retreat
14. Floss every day for fifty consecutive days
15. Invisilign
16. Post weight online weekly for 10 consecutive days
17. Drink Cava on the Mexican Coast
18. Relax on the Swedish Coast
19. Send a note of gratitude to 25 people who have made my life better
20. Ride at least 30 miles in an MS ride
21. Visit Kellie
22. Take Bailey on three mom/daughter weekends
23. Use Juicer and Dehydrator once a week for a month
24. Seven day raw diet – 3X
25. Sip and Spin – in Temecula or Italy (Wine Tasting Cycling tour)
26. Buy a new laptop
27. Spend a whole day at a spa
28. Paint something using the easel and paint set that Bailey gave me
29. Visit Seattle
30. Practice Yoga at the top of a mountain
31. Play Hooky – 3X
32. Take a vacation for at least three days from cell phone and computer
33. Photograph Bailey and Guinness together.
34. Frame the best of above and title series “A girl and her dog”
35. Make a birthday book recording birthdays of all family and friends
36. Be makeup free for five consecutive days
37. Learn Spanish
38. Buy Sex and the City Box Set
39. Volunteer forty hours for the homeless and hungry
40. Write a letter to my younger self “From 37 or 38 to 18”
41. Save the letter and give it to Bailey when she turns 18
42. Go snow shoeing
43. Go to the Opera
44. Buy a web cam with new computer to talk with friends and family
45. Photograph an artist at work
46. Watch all James Bond Movies
47. Watch all Godfather movies
48. Consult a stylist for a wardrobe makeover
49. workout with a trainer for three consecutive months
50. Consult an Ayurvedic Practitioner
51. Write five letters of appreciation for great customer service
52. Go to a football game
53. Go to a comedy club
54. Eat only fruit and veggies from local growers for one month
55. Put money in someone’s expired parking meter
56. No computer, ipod or TV for one weekend
57. Keep and Orchid in the bedroom for six months
58. Grow something edible
59. Download a movie or TV show to Ipod
60. Attend a free outdoor concert
61. Spend the day at the movie theatre seeing at least three movies
62. Don’t talk for a whole day
63. Sell something on ebay
64. Buy all new lingerie
65. Compost
66. New Tattoo
67. Support a presidential candidate
68. Read a book at Barnes and Noble or Borders
69. Go Snorkeling
70. Have a bloody mary for breakfast
71. Mother/Daughter Spa Trip with daughter
72. Mother/Daughter Spa Trip with mother
73. Mother/Daughter Spa Trip with mother-in-law
74. Find a Tailor
75. See an allergist
76. Learn how to change a bike tire.
77. Nap in a hammock
78. Throw a party for no reason
79. Take a sister’s weekend with sister
80. Take a sister’s weekend with sister in law
81. Take a train trip
82. Go apple picking
83. Try fake eyelashes
84. Stay up late and look for falling stars
85. Institute monthly date night
86. Water ski
87. Get involved with Orphanage in Africa
88. Buy new art
89. Make a snow angel
90. Learn to knit
91. Roast Marshmallows in the fire pit
92. Beach Weekend
93. Take Bailey to see her friends in NH
94. Try a new fruit
95. Contribute $10.00 to the MS Society for every unaccomplished task on the 101 list
96. Visit two local museums
97. Find favorite watch or replace
98. Go to gallery stroll
99. Go to a concert with my dad
100. Buy new sunglasses in every new state or country that I visit
101. Start a new 101 in 1001 List


3 responses to “Completed 101 – #75

  1. great list! the best 101 things list (in my personal opinion) that i’ve seen yet! i can’t wait to hear about you doing all these things.

    have you ever looked for falling stars during the yearly meteor shower (some time in the summer)? it’s crazy because you’ll see tons of them, it’s like one after another.

    do you know what tattoo you are getting? i’m getting a new tattoo in july!

  2. HI ,
    Its all of us from NH here. well just me( kirsten ) and john. we hope you are going to get better or they find a cure for ms. My dad and anne marie say hi too. SAY HI 4 US !!!!!!

    Kirsten, john, Anne marie, and DAVID


  3. Hi – I just happened upon your blog (I was diagnosed Dec 23, 2005) and took a quick peak. I’m very curious, what is 101 in 1001? (I’ve figured out the 101 part). Hope the Tysarbi is going well; I’ve been on Copaxone since 02/06 and while I’ve had exacerbations (not major) some lesions have gotten smaller.

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