Tysabri will be ok

I know that some of my friends and family may worry about the potential Tysabri side effects. Lauren had a great post today that I would like to pass on….

You’re still terrified of PML (Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy)? Think about this for just a minute: there were 3 trial patients that developed PML: 2 pts. when using Tysabri in combination with Avonex (another immunomodulator), and 1 Crohn’s pt that had a previous severely compromised immune system due to being on Azathoprine for 6 years. Of these 3 pts, 2 died, and neither of them had MS.This means that out of approx. 3,000 trial pts that had a confirmed dx of MS, that did not have a compomised immune system, and received Tysabri as a monotherapy (by itself), and the approx. 5,000 general population pts that also met the above critera (me included) from 11/04 to 2/05, that’s 8,000 pts. total, plus the additional approx. 6,300 patients that have received Tysabri since it’s relaunch in 2006 (with the same above criteria) – that’s a grand total of 14,300 patients – and get this: not one of us developed PML and died – which is a risk factor of zero in 14,300 or 0:14,300!


One response to “Tysabri will be ok

  1. Thank you Courtney for your comment left on my Blog, and for posting the same information here as I listed on my Blog….I just can’t even begin to describe the relief felt by some newcomers to Tysabri when they learn the actual facts re: T’s minimal 0.1% risk vs. it’s tremendous benefits! 🙂

    Enjoy your vacation dearheart, “Via Con Dios”…(((hugs)))

    Lauren 🙂

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