MRI or Mexico

Tomorrow I meet with Dr. Foley (awesome neurologist) to review my blood work and MRI film. I have the film in my car from the MRI I had on Monday and the film from the MRI I had a year ago. I have been so tempted to look and try to compare the two. I am going to wait though so I don’t panic myself by seeing something that isn’t really there.

When I had my MRI on Monday, I got super nauseous when they injected the dye. There is nothing like feeling like you are going to throw up stuck in a tube with your head in shield. It happened last year as well but I thought it was a fluke. I asked the technician about it and she said it happens alot. She said if they inject it slowly next time, I won’t feel sick. Kinda makes you wonder why they don’t inject it slowly every time. It’s probably a difference of only thirty seconds.

Hopefully all of the stars will align tomorrow….my blood work will be ok, The MRIs will be fine and my insurance company will step up and make Tysabri within reach financially. It has been so great to be off the Avonex. Normally, I would be waiting for the side affects to hit right about now. I still have three injections waiting in the fridge but hopefully I won’t have to use them.

This weekend I am looking forward to doing some Mexico research. I want to find five or six areas that have a high percentage of Canadian or American residents, learn about the areas and then visit. I want to start Spanish lessons in the next month so that on our next visit to Mexico I can practice a bit. I also want to learn about the real estate procedures there. Even though a permanent move wouldn’t be possible before Bailey is out of school, it may make sense to buy something sooner. I love focusing on something like this. Something that seems half crazy but compared to the constant quest for the American dream seems like one of my saner ideas.

It’s also more fun to think about a beach house in Mexico and sipping margaritas on the porch watching the sunset than wondering what my MRIs will show.


2 responses to “MRI or Mexico

  1. OMG! I don’t want you to have to move to Mexico! Hope it all goes well today wth Dr. Foley. 🙂
    Love you SILLY

  2. i agree, i love planning travel and/or where i want to retire/semi-retire.

    hope all goes well with the doc!

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