There are so many things that contribute to good health. I think that physical health and mental health go hand in hand so if you do something for one, the other reaps the benefits. Vitamins, conventional medicine, good nutrition, yoga, meditation and relaxing are all great ways to take care. Another great way that I never really thought about is to maintain anticipation…. always have something to look forward to.

I remember as a child looking forward to Christmas. I usually started my countdown to Christmas sometime in August. I knew we had to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving but then the magic day would come. Those three or four months of joy provided me with more happiness than the actual day but it never seemed like it when Christmas finally arrived. Of course, the day after Christmas was a bit hard but I knew that next year everything would happen all over again. I still love the anticipation of the holidays but don’t get started until the beginning of December. My mother on the other hand, she is already in the middle of her “I am so excited that it’s almost Christmas” cycle.

Vacations are another big anticipation builder. We started planning our recent trip to Mexico in December 2006. I would guess that we talked about trip every day until we left. That’s more than three months of positive thinking and glorious anticipation.

I understand that there is bad anticipation. I usually refer to that as anxiety or a waste of time worrying about things that will probably never happen. I much prefer to anticipate the fun, good stuff.

Planning a move to Mexico in ten years is the ultimate long term anticipation. I can think about it, read about it, talk about it, visit it, study it and day dream about living by the ocean. Could something come up that will change my course…sure. I know that if we had never gone on vacation this month, we would have been upset, but nothing could take away the feeling we had for three plus months dreaming about our trip.

While I don’t want to wish away the next ten years, I think that dreaming about the future and a possible life by the beach sipping margaritas on the porch with Mark will only add to my daily experiences and impact my health in the best possible way.


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