Mark leaves tomorrow morning for the East Coast. He is riding Saturday in the Martha’s Vineyard MS Ride with Team TLC (Team who Loves Courtney). I am so excited that he has an opportunity not only to raise money for MS research and education but he also gets to have a fun weekend with friends and family. Team TLC is an amazing group of people. They have raised over $3000.00!!! Their goal is $5000.

Go to TeamTLC and see how you can help them reach their goal. I know most of you reading this have already contributed to this or another MS event but think about five or ten more dollars. Give up your daily coffee habit for five days and throw the money towards this great cause, and great group of my loved ones.

For every $25.00 you donate between now and Saturday, I will ride 1K in next years MS ride. . Just email and let me know your contribution. If we can raise an additional $2500, I will ride 100K!!

And to Team TLC….
Anne Marie Appel
Brandon Berry
Scott Berry
Catherine Coulombe
Jon Coulombe
David Gibbens
Robert Marquis
Robert Santoro
Gatsha Small
Mark Tuttle
Stephen White

from the very bottom of my heart, thank you for doing this for me and for everyone with MS. You help us hope!!


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