MS Changed my life

Last May, I never thought about MS and I definitely didn’t think that I had MS. I just knew I was dizzy and tired and frustrated.

A friend recently asked me how MS has changed my life. I didn’t realize until I answered her that while a diagnosis of MS seemed very negative and devastating, the changes I have made in my life as a result of the diagnosis have been very positive. I think without my MS diagnosis I would be at greater risk for other diseases and complications later down the road. In the past year I have:

1. Given up all red meat and poultry
2. Stopped Eating Cheese and drinking milk
3. Started eating Soy and more fruit and veggies
4. Take Vitamins twice a day. See Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements, Oh My! – #12
5. Practiced Yoga and Meditation
6. I’ve researched traditional and alternative medicine and see value in both
6. I’ve slowed down (a little bit)
7. I’ve become more aware and grateful for what each day brings as I know it could change anytime

I never thought I would say it but I think MS has made my life BETTER!


One response to “MS Changed my life

  1. You are AMAZING! What an inspiration…love you SILLY

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