Show Compassion

I met with a “healing artist” last night that came recommended from my Yoga Teacher. She practices Craniosacral_therapy. It was different than I thought it would be but a very positive experience. It’s hard to explain the session and how I felt but for laying still for an hour and even falling asleep twice, I was surprised at how equally energized and exhausted I was when we were finished. We talked a little bit but mostly she just “listened to my body”.

She said that she felt I had some misalignment stemming from left hip. She said that my neck was stiff and that my head felt like it was wrapped with an ace bandage. She kept her hands on the base of my skull and on different parts of my head for most of the time, listening. So what did she hear? What did my body say? Evidently, my inner wisdom will reveal itself over time but so far, my body says that it wants baths and compassion. Not necessarily at the same time, but these were the two main messages.

Take baths when possible and have compassion when I have MS symptoms and side effects. I consider myself a compassionate person with others but I do tend to get frustrated with myself when I cannot overcome certain things. I have to understand and accept that not tolerating medications does not make me weak. A tingly hand or numb face does not diminish my strength as a person and I need to remind myself of that. You should do the same. Don’t let your shortcomings weaken your resolve. They don’t make you less than you are. How you deal with tragedies, illness, sadness and problems in general will define you, not the problems themselves.

I am considering ongoing treatment with LaLa (aka Laura) along with my primary care doctor and neurologist. I am open to healing myself.


One response to “Show Compassion

  1. interesting. i’m glad you are blogging about your experiences with complementary medicine, i really enjoy learning more about these things.

    i 100% agree with your about who you are is how you deal with your problems, not the problems themselves.

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