Old and (so not) Gray

Jen tagged me for a meme. I have finally arrived as a blogger and been tagged!

When i’m old and grey…

When I am old and grey……

I will be living on the beach

I will speak my mind, say what I think (with swear words)

I will beg my daughter to slow down and enjoy the moment

I will have learned to truly live in the moment

I will laugh about my youthful worries

I will relax

I will not care about stuff

I will look in the eyes of my lover and not care about anything else

I will wonder why I didn’t do it sooner


One response to “Old and (so not) Gray

  1. Guess I must be old (never grey) because I kind of do said what I’m thinking…….Oh No, tell me it isn’t so.

    Love you,

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