Hi, How are You?

How are you….this is one of the most common phrases in the English Language. It’s our standard greeting. Pay attention to how many times some one says “How are you” in any given day. Pay even closer attention to how many times you say “fine”, even when you are not fine.

Of course, there are different ways to ask “how are you” besides the standard, almost obligatory way we go through our day. During the first few month of my diagnosis everyone asked me “how are you?” in a very sad, concerned, way. The way you might ask a hospital patient, or a sick friend. I expected it, and welcomed it so I could talk about the way that I was feeling.

Now, months later, when someone asks me “How are you”, I generally respond in one of the following ways.
“Great, how are you”
“Fine., Thanks and You”
“really good and so glad it’s Friday”

These are the same responses I expect to receive when I pose the question. I don’t consider “How are You” to be a health inquiry. If I did, I might answer,

“Fine except the right side of my face is numb”
“Doing well dealing with the tingling sensation behind my eye and up my nose”
“Feeling distracted”

Both sets of answers are very honest, very real and very much about how I am feeling. Focusing on the first set of answers make me feel better and make me focus less on the day to day bothers of MS.

This blog gives me an opportunity to cry without crying, complain without complaining and whine without whining. While I haven’t posted in awhile, I think through what I might write about each evening. I hope this blog is helpful to someone besides me but if it turns out it’s just me that benefits, that’s ok.

So today, if you ask me how I am doing, I will say.
“Really good and so glad it’s Friday”

I might be thinking,
“I have a splitting headache. I am exhausted because I didn’t sleep last night but I am so grateful that this is the last day I have to feel the side effects of Avonex

Either way, I am so glad that you asked.


2 responses to “Hi, How are You?

  1. good post.

    the thing i like about your blog (and others’ blogs) is that i like hearing how you are even when i forget to ask.

    but also reading your blog definitely benefits me, and so does knowing you, which i wouldn’t if not for your blog. so thanks for blogging!

    congrats on being done with the avonex!

  2. Just to spark a conversation, I usually respond ‘Not dead yet!’. Stops ’em in their tracks as they realign from the ‘WTF!’ mindset to the realization that I intentionally gave them an answer they were not expecting.

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