Month Two

I just finished month two on the 101 list. Here is an update of my progress…

4. Read one book a month not related to MS or health – Read Best Friends by Martha Moody and Cocktails for Three

7. Save $3.00 per day in addition to regular savings – added another $93.00 for a total of $180.00

35. Make a birthday book recording birthdays of all friends and family. (This is in progress!)

38. Buy the Sex and the City Box set – Mark bought it for me!!

49. workout with a trainer for three consecutive months – I am interviewing a new trainer on Monday for an intensive 90 day program.

85. Institute monthly date night – May’s Date was splitting a pitcher of beer at Hog’s Wallow on the patio and going to Lonestar Mexican for fish tacos.

See what I did last month….101 Update


One response to “Month Two

  1. good for you!

    i need to do that birthday book thing. really badly.

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