Super Fit

It’s been just over 10 days since my first Tysabri Infusion. While I wasn’t completely side effect free, I have felt much better than after any other treatment (Avonex or Rebif). My side effects were delayed by a day which while unusual is not unheard of. When I described my chest tightness and pain along with a dull headache, Dr. Foley’s office confirmed that I was having a reaction. It happened two nights in a row and the first night was pretty bad. I was in enough pain to warrant a trip to the ER but it was Bailey’s Birthday.

You cannot spend your twelfth birthday in the ER with your mom. I knew it must be related to the Tysabri and was comfortable that it would pass (and it did). Dr. Foley’s P.A. told me that the reaction will not necessarily happen after each infusion.

I haven’t felt much different since my infusion and that is fine with me. I didn’t have any expectations as I was already feeling pretty good.

I have decided to take my diet and fitness to a new level, or to a level while I am feeling so good. I started working out with a new trainer and am following a two week eating program that she recommends. The diet has a bit of a South Beach feel – no refined sugars or carbs. Lots of fish and veggies. I am even going to try a few things that I don’t usually like to make this work. Things like Cottage Cheese (ewwwww). It won’t be fun but I feel pretty determined.

I am ready for a big change. I think the extra energy I am looking for may not come immediately from Tysabri but will come from losing a little fat and increasing muscle mass.


3 responses to “Super Fit

  1. Yeehaw! You go,Girl! 🙂

  2. “the reaction will not necessarily happen after each infusion.”

    I suppose if MS is going to be unpredictable … the treatment might as well be too.

  3. Hi Courtney!

    As to your “delayed” allergic reaction to Tysabri, have you discussed this with Dr. Foley himself? Perhaps he might want to pretreat you would Benadryl or perhaps suggest that you have Benadryl tablets or Claritin on hand if this happens again?

    As to the cottage cheese issue (LOL), you have GOT to try these two combinations: cottage cheese and sliced fresh tomatoes (I add a little kosher salt and pepper to the tomatoes first), and the other is cottage cheese with pineapple chunks (I just use the canned ones and drain away the syrup). OMG, these two combinations are to DIE FOR…. but don’t die on us okay? (Heehee)

    Many hugs, Lauren

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