2nd Annual Thanksgiving Tribute

While I try to be gracious daily, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes the things I am so grateful for are overshadowed by something negative that steals my attention. The negative things don’t have to be big. Running late, forgetting to return a phone call or hearing a news story that is particularly depressing can completely redirect my train of thought.

When I should be thankful for having a reliable car, I am too annoyed that it takes two people to pop the gas tank when it is cold outside.

When I should be thankful for having an amazing job, sometimes I get frustrated that it takes time away from the things I really love to do.

When I should be thankful for having great home that keeps me warm in the winter, sometimes the I focus on the heat drying my skin instead of warming my heart.

When I should focus on the great medications available to me for MS, the side effects get me down. Wondering where the cure is often robs my gratitude for the short term solutions.

So, how do I snap out of it? How do I rededicate myself to the positive, to the bright side? I just do it because I know that it feels better to be grateful. Sometimes I have to refocus a little bit each day. Sometimes it is harder than it should be, but usually, just helping Bailey with a math problem or seeing bags of leaves that Mark raked all day (instead of doing something he loves) puts me back into a great frame of mind. I spent the day at the movies with Bailey yesterday and came home to hang out with my husband and dad by an amazing fire. Sure, the fire will dry my skin, but without that problem, I wouldn’t have had to buy some amazing rosemary organic lotion at Wild Oats.

I will continue to let good prevail over bad in my life and be gracious for the here and now. I will also be grateful and optimistic about opportunity. We all have opportunities presented to us but more importantly, we have the opportunity to chose how we do or don’t appreciate each and everything that comes our way. We have opportunity and that in itself is enough to keep me grateful and hopeful.

Happy Thanksgiving.


5 responses to “2nd Annual Thanksgiving Tribute

  1. Wonderful post, and so true. Why let oneself get booged down by the nitty-gritty negatives, when one can allow oneself to be bouyed up by the amazing positives that fill each of our lives.
    To the positive, and living life on the good side!

  2. Booged = Bogged, obviously, lol.

  3. many thanks indeed … happy thanksgiving.

  4. well…my thoughts are that you can still be grateful and also acknowledge things in life which are troubling. i think we have such high expectations of ourselves to always be “positive” no matter what, and sometimes that doesn’t work as it just overshadows things we need to deal with and think about. it is more than okay to emote about the challenges in life. this frees us up to truly enjoy and appreciate the good things.

  5. just stopping on by to see if you are doing okay…everything all right?

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