Goodbye 2007 – Hello 2008

If the first day of 2008 is any indication of how the year will be, I have plenty to look forward to. Mark and Bailey and I spend the day skiing at Alta. I broke in my new skis and can’t wait to go back. We ate a healthy lunch on the patio and enjoyed a sunny day in the snow!

I went back to my New Year’s Blog entry from last year to see what I set out to do in 2007.

“I have so many resolutions for 2007 but my biggest achievement will be to just be me and to be satisfied with just that. I resolve to stay present and to appreciate all that is offered to me. I resolve to do all in my power to stay healthy. I resolve to do all in my power to stay happy. I resolve to let the people that I love know how special they are and how grateful I am to know and love them and to let them know frequently.”

2007 was a great year. I switched from Avonex to Tysabri mid year and cannot believe how good I feel. The downside is that I took advantage of how good Tysabri makes me feel and stopped doing some of the other things that contribute to my health. I don’t think I exercised at all in December, I stayed up later than I should, and my yoga practice has gone by the wayside. I am very proud however, that I didn’t beat myself up all month for not exercising. I also indulged in more holiday food and drink than I should of, but again, instead of feeling guilty about it, I really enjoyed it!

Now, I am ready to get back on track. Mark is painting the yoga room (right now!!!) and I can’t wait to start a morning practice again. We are also going to put a Trainer in the room so we can ride our road bikes inside this winter. I want to be in great shape for the Martha’s Vineyard MS ride (details to come). Eating less will be easy. I am full!

While I don’t have any official resolutions or declarations, I do know that 2008 will be a fun year because….

I think I finally have my Tysabri side effects under control and can look forward to routine treatments.

By making simple diet changes and moving more, I will be back in shape and have even more energy. I will avoid the appeal of new diets and crazy eating plans. No more counting, weighing, low carb, high protein, fat free craziness. I will stick with no meat or poultry and limited dairy because it works for me.

I will speak at more Biogen Idec events in an effort to spread the word about the importance of treating MS.

I got new skis for Christmas so I will spend more time on the mountain this year.

I am bumping up my daily flax oil intake.

I will update my 101 in 1001 list.

I will keep an open mind and heart.

I will keep loving my family (all of you), enjoy our time together, and be thankful for their love and other special gifts.


5 responses to “Goodbye 2007 – Hello 2008

  1. If it makes you feel any better, my exercise routine was put on hold for the last month of the year as well. So much to do, such a hard deadline!

  2. I plan to start yoga next week. Glad to hear you have the side effects of Tysabri under control.

  3. Hi Courtney,

    Liz Strawn here from the National MS Society. Your resolutions are inspiring as well as your commitment to the National MS Society. Looking forward to seeing you on Martha’s Vineyard.

  4. Hello. This post is likeable, and your blog is very interesting, congratulations :-). I will add in my blogroll =). If possible gives a last there on my site, it is about the CresceNet, I hope you enjoy. The address is . A hug.

  5. Courtney,
    I stumbled upon your blog looking for information on Tysabri. I am so glad that I found you. It is funny; we moved from Salt Lake City in June to Roebuck, SC. Anyway, I love your blog, very inspirational. I have only read a few blogs so far, dealing with Solumedrol. I will read it all soon. If you have time check out my blog at Tell Dr. Foley Hi for me, I taught his daughter in Sunday school when she was in 5th grade. He is a very nice man.
    Have a groovy day!

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