Because I can

I am officially “in training”. I registered to ride 100k at the MS “Ride the Vineyard” on May 3rd with Mark and Team TLC. My training is very informal right now and will be until March 1st. I will exercise for a minimum of 1/2 hour every day and ride for one hour at least twice a week. I am also eating better although no diets. Remember, no counting points or weighing stuff or being crazy!!

As of March 1st, I will ask Mark to ride with me a lot outdoors and help me get in good enough shape to really enjoy riding 100k.

In registering for the MS ride, I had to fill out a fundraising page (where I will direct you to later in this post). One of the preformatted headings is “Why I ride”. I have been thinking about this for some time and the answer is simple. I ride because I can. Things may be different tomorrow, but today, I can ride and so I will. When I have thought about exercise in the past, I always think…”I HAVE to work out tomorrow” (or I will get a big butt!) or “I NEED to work out tonight” (or I will be really grumpy or stressed out) but to keep things simple this time around in my new commitment to exercise, I will just do it because I CAN.

So what CAN you do? You can join the team and ride with us on Martha’s Vineyard or join a bike or walking team in your community. You CAN support my team by going to MyFundraisingPage and pledge $$$$.

I know you have heard it before but anything you can give will make a difference. If everyone that sees this site commits $5.00 a piece, I will go way over my goal! It is so easy to donate through MyFundraisingPage

In fact, just to make things interesting, I will match your $5.00. For everyone that donates, $5.00 or more, I will donate $5.00 up to $250.00. Once you make your pledge, leave me a comment or email me and say “Match that”. I will match $5.00 each for the first 50 people that donate.

Inspire me by donating and let me inspire you by riding!!


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