Perfect Health

I have been inspired by so many people since my MS diagnosis. Some of these people I have never even met, like Robin Maxwell. Robin is a wife and mother of two. She is a triathelete and runner and she was diagnosed with MS in January of 2007.

Just two weeks after her diagnosis she took advantage of her first big fundraising opportunity.

“A friend saw movie star Kevin Bacon being interviewed about his new website – He was offering $10,000 to the 6 people who could get the most amount of donors on the site over the next two months. I signed up for the contest and started soliciting donations right away, staying in the top six all through the eight weeks, thanks to my very dedicated family and friends who worked daily on the contest. I raised $28,000 in the end, and got to travel to Los Angeles to meet Kevin Bacon and get interviewed on E! Television.”

Learn more about Robin at and be sure to order one of her great shirts! I ordered mine today in Pink. They are great T Shirts that say “Perfect Health”. This is how they started:

“I went through various stages of grief in those first difficult months. I was a triathlete and runner, and felt that I was in good health before this diagnosis. I decided to define myself as a healthy person, not a sick person, with the belief this attitude this would help my condition over time. I screen printed “Perfect Health” on my clothes to remind me that I was still healthy. I started a foundation of the same name and began to raise funds for MS research. I am honored that this work has put me in the same space as many families struggling with chronic illness and that I can offer my message of hope.”

Here is the great thing about Robin’s many fundraising efforts including her T shirt sales: One hundred percent of the funds raised through donations, clothing sales and events goes directly to funding scientific research.

Thanks Robin! I am inspired and needed the “Perfect Health” reminder.


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